343i, A Race Playlist Is In Demand!

Hey everyone, Gamertag Vampyre0422 here! Alright! I have seen forums here and there about making a racing multiplayer playlist! And I personally think its an AMAZING idea, i think there should be a Playlist option labeled “racing events” or something to that effect, and in that it should have sub-lists of “race” (actual lap races with a full track) and “rally” (one big map that people drive around on to randomly generating checkpoints) and in each list the gametypes that people vote for will dictate not only the track, but the vehicle used to race with. There could be a team version of this as well!

I like it, I really enjoyed racing in custom games on reach and it would be a great addition to Halo 4, maybe some floating maps where if you knock someone off you get extra points lol, anyway I agree racing is an amazing part of Halo. :slight_smile:

ha ha ha I know right! racing was a personal fave of mine! especially in reach! (still have yet to beat the masta challenge!!! -YOINK- YOU MASTA CHALLENGE CREATOR! YOU MAKE SUPER HARD RACE MAP TOO ADDICTING! D:<)


i realize that this thread is old and pretty much dead but i don’t want to make an entire new race thread, so read the suggestion and poll, vote, and discuss.

im not trying to bump my own forum, but to those that are voting, feel free to make convo too, i want peoples honest opinions on a race playlist. im not just talking to talk.

though for the sake of you guys who love race,I wish ya luck,though,I’m not sure about race,never liked that there was no way you can get ahead unless the guy infront of you suck,I hope if they do add race they’ll make it more fun


Yes, please!

It would go great with the CUSTOM GAMES BROWSER!!!

I’ve always loved racing, and finding new ways to race. i think my suggestion for a “race events” is a good one. and i also think that such a thing would be popular, especially as a just for fun thing. It’d be cool if there was non-forge race maps in this playlist!

It could be interesting, I could see that. Racing in mongoose’s, each player having one grenade to throw. People flying all over the place, explosions, path getting narrower and narrower every 15 seconds.

I wouldn’t mind one.

oh and not just ground races! air races too! :smiley: (and water races if there is boats)

What i really wanna see is a starfox type racing game using the banshees! that would be epic!

Yes race needs its own playlist.
Human vehicles need a boost feature like Covenant ones.
Allow people riding on the back or in passengers to pick up weapons when they are driven over, like flags in speedpile.
Allow custom powerups to affect vehicles.
Make racing variants of the UNSC vehicles, like the CE Rocket Hog with the yellow stripes.
Slipstream/drafting would help a lot, since all vehicles have the same top speed, this would keep the race very interesting.

I am all for this thread.


I think there should be four different playlists:


and under Race we should have:

Race (rally or normal)
Multi-Race (normal or rocket race type game modes)
Teamed Race (two teams of four (or more) compete in different game types of race.)

EDIT: Rocket race modes could be under Comunity or another option in Race.

Yes, human vehilces are in desperate need of nitro boosting!

I signed on just to vote “Yes”.

I’m on board with this one!

And we now have a Mongoose that is actually fast…

This would be lots of fun. I would enjoy racing in Halo. I am a competative player but I would take some time out for a race here and there.

I would love to see 2 man races. Mongoose with snipers, dmr, br, or rockets for the second player. This would be lots of fun. Obviosly 2 man races could use hogs or other vehicles as well. How about a scorpian race? lol

The only problem with races is it often turns into trying to kill each other and the aspect of the “race” is gone however it is still lots of fun.

Who wants to be the first pro mongoose racer? lol