3434 give the flaming on h3 for people who did vidmaster challenge

if u too you think that the people who did the vidmaster challenge have to unlock the flaming reply

It would be better for people who did all the 79/79 G. It’s a greater accomplishment than just 7 achievements.

i got recon with the vid master now everyone have the recon… i think vid master guys should get something like flaming…

No!.. that is all.

I’d like them to do this but I doubt they would.

What the topic owner said, This is so pathetic that how many people iv’e helped to do many vidmasters for recon, now all that was for nothing, Recon was valued, now its the same value as Mark VI , -Yoink- :\

The people who took the time to do the vidmasters do deserve something in return, and I say…


Also Vidmasters tied ODST to Halo 3, now ODST is completely WORTHLESS! and untied, as it is, Now the Vidmasters lie useless, and for people who got them all, are unrewarded, other than a crap ammount of gamerscore which the achievement gave.