343, You've done it!

I have to congratulate 343 on this campaign.
Aside from technical issues I had in the open world, the actual writing and story was amazing.

I honestly cannot thank your team enough for giving me this kind of experience that I’ve been lacking from the last game.
I had doubts about the open world aspect at first but I think you guys did an amazing job allowing players to skip most of it or explore all of it if they desired.

I really hope it gets some optimization updates and AMD fixes their drivers, but aside from those complaints I was immersed the whole time.

The Weapon fits extremely well into the cast of characters and the Pilot was much, much better than I expected (I did not like him in the E3 demo).

I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks about the story of this game as well. If you’re going to contain spoilers, please note it before saying anything so others can skip over it!


It was great! Not perfect though. 343 were left in a tough spot after the disaster that was 5. For them to create an entirely new story, at the same time not retconning the previous 2 games is a difficult task. I think 343 pulled it off better than I was expecting and props to them and the team


I think they did the best they could with trying to make Halo 5 make sense but also move onto something new.

I’m glad that the Halo 5 stuff is done now, and it can only get better from here (hopefully)

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I would do some reading considering they took out 2/3 of the campaign I mean yeah they finally nailed it once that guy came and cut two-thirds of the campaign and gave us this which is enjoyable and it landed on its feet but what could have been is what I’m concerned about.


it took 6 years and it’s a 7/10


The Campaign feels sort of the way that its MP does, it has loads of potential but is far from reaching it. I think people are looking too much into what they’re (343i) doing on a daily basis without understanding things long term. Infinite will probably have yearly Campaign DLC’s, one of which is hinted at with Legendary ending (I will not say what it is, just that it has one)


Halo 2 has about half the game cut out as well.
Most games cut content to fit into release schedules. No hate towards your comment btw, I’m curious as to why it was really cut.

There’s no telling how this game would have looked when they was going to released in 2020. This is a total l different campaign then we would have gotten in 2020.

im surprised at how many people i see saying how much they enjoyed it. to say the opposite is true for me would be putting it lightly. im just glad i used my buddies game pass instead of paying for it because i would have been pissed instead of disappointed if i had wasted my money on the game. the character interactions, the way the story was told, the story itself :face_vomiting:, the mechanics of the “boss fights”. shoot, the decision to go open world seems like it was as costly to the game as making the multiplayer free to play.

personally, the hardest part was trying to swallow the crummy patchwork over the story they had written up until this point. no odds can ever mean anything if they just get wished away offscreen. i honestly cant take what 343 does with the lore seriously after this. if they decide to have any more books made i doubt they’ll be worth getting.


I’m curious what the second half of the Campaign holds, because the first half has been lackluster and disjointed. I haven’t been impressed with the story at all, since Mission 1. The initial hook was there, for sure, but the story has dropped the ball.


The best part of the campaign is the non-open world sections, they actually felt like halo minus the dumb AF boss fights against bullet sponges that seemed to be there just to make the play time longer. also one thing that really P’d me off is that we can no longer back smack anything stronger than a grunt.


im sure the lack of assassinations would be more noticeable on legendary, normally i make a point to 100% the campaigns but after seeing what the game is i cant find any motivation to look at it. it just bums me out. the spongy enemies and missing assassination makes me wonder if the devs took all the wrong lessons from the newer (and significantly worse) assassin’s creed games

The story definitely dips for a bit in the middle, but towards the final third of the game it picks up strong again.

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I started on legend but after the first bullet sponge boss i dropped it to heroic later i met a hammer boss and found out you could cheese boss fights by reloading the game on easy beat the boss go to the next check point and load back in again on heroic.

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Are you’re referring to when Joseph Staten joined the team?

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I find it quite interesting how so many people give a negative response to the campaign on this forum but it is highly rated by reviewers and on steam, etc.

If inwere on the fence about this and read these posts I’d probably skip the game. But if I read all the reviews and steam reviews, I would buy the game.

No hate obviously, I just find it interesting

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Is there an AMD specific issue? I was having massive FPS drop in the open world, but my friends were not. I am running an AMD graphics card, and my friends all have Nvidia. Is this talked about anywhere?

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I would do some reading considering they took out 2/3 of the campaign I mean yeah they finally nailed it once that guy came and cut two-thirds of the campaign and gave us this which is enjoyable and it landed on its feet but what could have been is what I’m concerned about.

I love people that have strong opinions about topics they have ZERO experience with. This happens all the time in video games because sometimes things look really good on paper, but the moment you’ve got a prototype you realize “holy crap this is hot garbage.”

it took 6 years and it’s a 7/10

@Greyscale_01 Mmmm, so far I’d disagree with this rating, but I’d have to give the campaign more time. I haven’t actually completed it yet, but what I’ve played so far has been a blast.

Also, this “took 6 years” nonsense always makes me laugh. You have no idea what it’s like to spend a year getting a feature into a playable state, only to realize it doesn’t work and you have to start over.


The open world is really beautiful, sometimes I stop just to look around


Finally someone that truly appreciates the game! The Reviews were flawless, but then again you will always find those that do not appreciate a master piece in gaming