343 you're disgusting for monetizing customization like this

Seriously wtf! I’ve been a halo player since i was 4 when halo 3 came out and growing up i stuck with this franchise through all of the controversy. This is how you repay us 343? By making the customization we know and love from previous games and restricting it so obviously to make as much money as possible. What previous halo game didn’t let us mix and match any armor we wanted together. We can’t even use the same colors or visors between armor cores it’s so stupid. Nobody asked you to make this game free to play, i get wanting to get more players but paying $60 for campaign and an mp with authentic customization would’ve been so much better than what this has become. Even those of us paying for the campaign are treated like trash, not a single armor piece!? You know what you’re doing is wrong, you know that yet you still went forward with this. I’m begging you please fix this, if you have to have a battle pass then keep all armor to it instead of splitting it up into the horrible shop and making some armor and coatings just as much as the entire battle pass or even more. You are so close to a good halo game if you really care about the community then stop milking us like we’re just money to you. And if money is all we are to you then don’t expect us to stick around because we’ve already been fed up for years with halo 4 and 5.


Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians’ systems are the golden standard in an apples-to-apples comparison to what we have at this time.

Everything about these end-user systems wants to know what the three digits on the back of my debit card are, and it’s viscerally disgusting. Even REQ Packs were better than this.

This XP system is for monetization. This customization system is for monetization. Everything about this game is for whale fishing except for the gameplay itself, which is thankfully the only thing they managed to not muck up too bad.

Most advanced Halo customization my -Yoink!-, you lot know EXACTLY what you’re doing.


Exactly! So many people are defending that oh it’s not affecting gameplay but halo customization has been a staple of this franchise for years. 343 knew exactly what it was doing when it split everything up to make us pay as much as possible. This is exactly why people hated coatings so much when they got revealed last year, it was just a look at what was to come for how badly this game wants your money of you even think of trying to have a unique look.


No one is forcing you to buy anything 🤷


You act like customization isn’t a huge part of halo to many people and if that was true you wouldn’t be seeing 343 put all their monetization into it.


Why wouldn’t the developers monetize certain aspects in a game they made to make money?

Most games nowadays use a relatively similar season progression system you can max out if you buy credits and the same can be said for purchasing unique armor and skins.

how old are you 12? How can you sit here with a straight face and defend this?


I’m not someone that minds game monetization. If people want to buy stuff in a game so be it. And if people don’t want to, that’s OK too.

I’ve been playing Halo probably longer then you have been around my friend lol.

so i agree with you and yet disagree,

monetization should not be done this way (IMO), halo infinite has unlocks sure… I agree but base colors need to be unlocked via progress? “ok” cheeky. i can get behind that a little but when it comes to customization halo CE/2/3/reach all did it different.

were you are rewarded with XP/Cosmetics for just playing the game doing certain achievements.
witch in turn made it feel much more rewarding and giving the player a actual goal to achieve be it easy or legendary.

it was much more user friendly than halo infinite’s unlock system.

the DLC was the monetization for the past halo games, you know “map packs” i respect season pass but there should also be a basic customization without needing to unlock colors as simple as “red/blue/pink/green/yellow” ect ect,

343 has every right to monetization of their products, but after so many promises, its starting to feel like them promises are on the edge of being kept. i really hope they at least give players the option to change color palette. and basic armour customization [colors/helm/chest/arms/kneepads/emblems] should be free or realistically unlockable like mentioned above without needing a battle-pass.

the other cosmetics like [attachments/visuals/weapon skins/AI/gloves/wrist/utility/effects/MAPS/battle-pass] i think are ok to charge players for. the esports teams skins/cosmetics are a fine example to charge players for, as it supports the Esports teams and you get a cool unique collection,

at the end of the day the whole point of video games was to have fun in my opinion, and to help forget about real life issues for short period of time, (and some people have money issue’s and want to be able to mix and mingle in like every one else]

to those that might say im just ANTI 343, coz i havent said a game like halo 4 or 5, wrong great games in their own right, just the quick time event ending ruined the epic moment in halo 4 campaign, and halo 5 campaign was too easy with AI and revives and its the campaign that i enjoy most from halo not multiplayer altho it a nice to have

p.s i am British we spell color like that, <_< before you flame me, if you notice other spelling mistakes please let me know thanks -

been here since CE, and will be here at its fall/end, so i can either shead a tear, or laugh through my anger, time will tell :slight_smile:

happy slaying soliders, TinT out :slight_smile:


Wrong. I’m 32. I got xbox and halo ce day 1 and have been playing halo since.


See i understand the monetization in general but making it compromise the customization we already payed for in the battle pass is kinda dumb. Once they make armor, coatings, and visors cross core it’ll atleast be more bang for your buck

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I can agree and disagree with this. In my own opinion the ideal monetization system would be special armor coatings that can’t otherwise be added to customization while giving complete color customization control back to the player. I also agree that the progression system on the battle pass is horrendous, I know that 343 has said they’re working on improving it but considering I’ve been mislead by them before I’m not going to believe a word they say until they actually go through with it. I would have rather paid full price for Infinite and gotten a battle pass system like MCC’s.


I completely agree and I’ve been around since Halo CE. For a game that feels more like COD then Halo has already put me off multiplayer. But then to $60 bucks just for the campaign with no added bonus for multiplayer is a slap in the face. Then add in the battle pass in order to slowly and pain stakenly get unlocks… I thought they messed up Halo 5 bad. But Infinite takes the cake. And after the slow grind for xp to get to lvl 152 (I’m 151 now) the last thing I’m looking forward to is yet another long grind. Fix the xp system. Please… and I understand the microtransactions, but then award credits for game play like in Halo 5 giving us the option to pay or earn credits. My guess like it has been for over a year now is that Halo Infinite may be the game that causes veterans to say its no longer worth supporting. Looks like corporate greed is more important then the core fan base.


Is 343 the ones behind this, or Microsoft? In my experience devs love games. They typically want to make good games that people will enjoy. Is 343 any different in the regard? From the videos I’ve seen of them taking they seem to like what they’re making. If I had to guess it’s Microsoft behind this monetization. I’m not a fan of it, but I don’t want to blame people not at fault.


The store is optional, get over yourselves.

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It’s bad but no one is forcing you to buy it. Simply don’t buy any of the overpriced rubbish. You won’t even see what you’re buying most of the time / only on intro to matches for a few seconds when no one really cares

You realize they could have still monetized things without removing a staple feature of the game (color choice/armor mixing/gameplay progression) right? The gun charms and wepons skins and stances and vehicle skins would’ve been enough to support this game and make it last the length of time they’re going for.


you know i am the same as him honestly i grow up with this. hell we played halo 1 and 2 in high school. Not after IN High School and I learned what halo 2 was from that. Then I spent years and years to many to think about of my life on halo 3 and i kind of liked 4 and 5 but so much it was wrong and bad but i stayed with it.

But when your battle pass cost and even buying 1 item from the shop is the same price for stuff as a adult cam site for there tokens you know you have problems.

If mods have a problem with what i said I understand if you remove my post. But what i said is not a lie and I wont name sites but i can show you its sad. I understand this from those sites but not from a staple of what xboxs is.

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Except it’s not. All the good customization is paywalled, how about you get over yourself?