343, You're Breaking Our Hearts

I don’t know how many of the posts the devs read. But I hope they read this, and really comprehend what I’m trying to convey.

Not gonna list any specific thing, there is way too much of it any damn way.

Just know that your hardcore fans are getting tired. We’re struggling to hold on to hope. This ship is sinking, fast, and it’s so sad to watch.

Please move in to emergency alert mode or something. Please.


Iv’e played since ce, and Infinite’s core is solid and enjoyable, I think it’s really not gonna change till season 2, whilst it was great to get to play early, maybe should of had some plan in place like a 1.5 season, iv’e pretty much stopped playing mp as progressing towards nothing, while I have faith things will get fixed, I know and we all know that we all need something positive to happen rather than just bug fixes etc.


I’m about to do something I didn’t think I would… gonna try Splitgate. Downloading it now.


Its really fun. Despite being in beta it already has considerably more game modes and has a healthy variety of interesting maps. Its progression system is also considerably more fleshed out.

Really makes infinite look bad, imo.


That’s what I heard. I just downloaded it. I’m technically ‘at work’ for another couple hours… but I’ll be giving it a go this evening. Thing is, I’m a 43 yr old father of 3 and I usually only get in to a very limited amount of games at any given time. Halo has held the FPS role down for me for quite some time… if Splitgate is good then 343 may be losing a player forever, basically. We’ll see.


I’m a Halo vet with about 20,000 hours in the series. Infinite has captured me plenty.

I’ve put 47 hours into Splitgate, fun game. I was in the top 100 Xbox players at one point in ranked. Ultimately the population (too many bots), matchmaking issues, and lack of strong maps/gunplay left me needing more.

Halo Infinite filled this gap for me and I haven’t played since. I’ve got 97 hours already and I plan to sink many, many more.

I hope you have a better experience with Splitgate than I did and enjoy playing that instead. Halo will be waiting for you, hopefully with more content if you decide to venture back.


I’m a hardcore Halo fan too… but Infinite has me so frustrated. It’s just such a let down. I finished the battle pass on new years eve. I complete all the weekly challenges each week with several days to spare, and the rewards always suck. I literally don’t love any of the armor options I have available. There are desync issues. Cheaters. Just the same damn maps over and over and over and over.
I wanted to avoid pointing out all the issues… but geez, it’s just such a damn drag.
I guess it would be fine if it seemed like 343 gave a F… but honestly, it just seems like they’re hiding from us or something. Where’s the damn roadmap? Can the drop ONE more map??? Something… just something. I’m sorry, but all these little networking bug ‘fixes’ they are supposedly implementing just isn’t enough.
I’ve been super patient at the beginning… was even fan-boy defending them for a couple months.
But my patience is running thin. Everyday that passes I get more and more upset about the state of this game… and it really has me saddened… I shouldn’t care so much about a video game… but with this one, I do.
And it’s seems 343 don’t give 2 shi-ts.

… sorry for the long response.


It’s all good man feel how you feel.

I don’t mind the limited maps right now just because I like the game modes. But we definitely will be needing more.

I’m lucky I barely ever get desync do I’m enjoying a lot. Never cared for progression or customisation on games either :slight_smile:


Haha, weekly bundle and recycled shop items go BRRRR.

Infinite will be in 2042’s condition soon, the devs don’t care about community feedback, I doubt they even gave the game a test play before release.


This same thing happened to me with Halo 4. I returned the physical copy I bought, never played Halo 5 except for a couple of times at friend’s houses. The original Infinite trailer gave me hope for the first time in a long time, but that was short lived and now I won’t return at all. If 343 make another Halo game I won’t even try it.

The slow destruction is sad, and I know many long time fans feel the sadness because of how much they’ve invested in the series. For a lot of us, it was a home away from home. Now we feel weird. Where do we go? I’m only on this forum still because a part of me still cares, but that’s nearing an end.


Yep, I feel the same.

Finished the Battle Pass and there’s not much to do after that, aside from the events. The game is in desperate need of content and having no roadmap especially sucks. Ever since 343 broke some of their promises, most of my optimism has gone out the door.

Postum’s recent tweets of being “confused” about being asked why it’s taking longer for content only enforces that feeling too.


Only thing I’m getting tired of is the Fandom. Please, don’t treat us like a monolith.


I never said ALL or EVERY or any other all encompassing modifier. There are even pro players beginning to speak out about the disappointment they are feeling. I stand by my remarks.


Halo Infinite’s failure isn’t a game development problem but a business management problem. It’s become obvious that despite what Xbox head Phil Spencer may say during E3 or other Xbox conferences games are no longer about the players but purely about the short term financial gain.

Infinite should never have passed the quality assurance phase. Infinite should never have been green lighted for release. And Infinite should never have been a “live service” game. All of these where poor decisions made for the soul purpose of monetary gain.

This is the worst failure (in my opinion) in Xbox history since Don Mattrick announced the Xbox One back in 2013.

None of this is the fault of the hard working men and women of 343. All of the devs are Halo fans like ourselves who pour their heart and soul into each game they build. The fault lies with 343’s upper management and upper management at Xbox. It lies with the people who are completely disconnected from the community and fans. The people who’s job is simply business. Plain and simple.


“Your hardcore fans”.

So, if we’re not “tired of 343” and “struggling to hold on to hope” are we not, then, a Hardcore Fan? How do you quantify a “Hardcore Fan”?

I didn’t say that at all.


The game is a spiritual reboot. Mabey they don’t care what the hardcore fans think. Mabey they only care about what ever they get from this game.


You certainly said that the “Hardcore Fans” are growing tired. Are “struggling to hold on to hope.” Well, I would definitely consider myself a hardcore Fan, and I am none of those things. So again, how do you define a “Hardcore Fan”?

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If you love Halo. You will definitely LOVE splitgate. I used that game to tie me over to Infinite’s launch and it was the best fun I’ve had on a MP in a very long time. I haven’t played it in a while, but for Halo veterans… it’s an absolute MUST! :slight_smile:

Dude that post seems passive agressive and you can clearly see you are trying to bait the OP into an argument. He may have generalised the term of a “Hardcore Fan” but anyone with common sense will know that even if you are a fan of ANYTHING at all, Each person will have a difference of opinion, that’s just obvious. “so again, how do you define a hardcore fan” - that’s cherry picking his comment, the least constructive part of his whole post. Who care’s how he defines a hardcore fan. He is one… you are one… I am one… nobody cares about the definition…


Did i say ALL hardcore fans?
Did I say EVERY hardcore fan?
Did I say that in order to be a hardcore fan that you had to agree with me?
No, said none of that.

Don’t put words in my mouth.

There are plenty of hardcore fans that do agree with me.

And my definition of a hardcore fan isn’t taht relevant. But, it ranges from Lucid (pro, probaby best in the world), to people like myself who have played every single Halo game ever. And many of us feel this way.

But it’s not a Yes-Man.