343, your chance for new PERMANENT Playlists

This is the chance to add new playlists, ranked & social, to matchmaking when the game is free to play from June 29th to July 5th while the game is also 50% off as well. If you bring in New playlists like Team Doubles, Team Snipers, Actionsack, & new gametypes & Map’s for BTB for instance, many new players from the week will likely stay due to the increased replay value. Warzone Firefight & other things are coming with the update on the same day as well so that also helps a ton.

Don’t be afraid like you have been for Halo 5’s entire lifespan to add new playlists just because of community division. I realize you need to streamline playlists for healthy population in each of them but you’re also ruining replay value with lack of gametypes & playlists, thus people will leave. If you bring in newness, people will come back and potentially stay and end up buying Halo 5 while it’s 50% off after the week is over.
Don’t be afraid. Please.

I do think it would benefit them and garner more return players (thus sales figures for people buying the game) if they had more to show during the free trial period.