343, you still doing it wrong in most of the ways

At first, I want to say thank you that I and my friends can’t find any “Kill 15 enemies in PvP with the plasma rifle” challenges - and I hope no one else has to go trough that nightmare anymore.

Sadly, on the onther side, you don’t get it.
I got now the “Reach 2.000 Points in BTB in PvP” [I translated it from german] and “Commulate 5.000 Points in Quick Search in PvP”.
This is a joke or at least I hope it is and that I’m still having my nap.
I don’t want to get a reward for ONE or TWO challenges that required personal strenght ingame, I want to be rewarded every time! Not especially with EXP but why don’t we get a rank system that shows the global personall process? Let me be a recruit, a sargeant, an brigadier and an 5-Star-General again [maybe with cooler looking emblems than in MCC? Maybe back to the roots like the emblems from H3 and some special Prestige stuff? I mean use your fantasy].

Still those challenges are way less painfuller than killing 15 enemies with Stalker Rifle or other bad stuff.
Of course, I can play for fun and I’m sure that many people like to be at least rewared with an ingame rank aside from Arena cause Arena is more or less just “Skill” [okay it’s not, mostly it’s kinda "Hey u European? Well bad for you that there is no server selection, have fun being killed behind the walls by US players] and not that casual friendly. So as a casual I want to have back the good old ranks. It still feels like a reward to see how I ranked up. Cause it seems I will just go for the Arena now because of the challenges, what really sucks.

This is what people ask for. “Reward us for our personal behavior in the game, give the better ones more points which will be collected in a rank so that we can also rise some ranks”.
Like seriously. You also have the ability to give the people “free” Emblems like Recruit, Sergeant, General etc.
Give the plate so that I can show everyone that I’m an Sargeant that finished the enemy Brigadier. It Just shows the lifespan of gaming time, not the skill at all.

Like what is there to do, if I finished all challenges, which become now less a pain and I finished the ultimate challenge? Even if I enjoy the gameplay [and hate the lack of server selection [again, thanks for that]. What should I do then? Than this game will be dead for me till the weekly reset hits in. I’m a fan of the series and I play for fun, but I want at least a small reward and to be fair, it’s not that hard to do something for us [like the ranks] lol.

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Rest assured, career progression is coming. This is one of many updates, 343 is doing what they can with the systems that are already in place.

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Well I took a look at my challenges this week.
Kill 3 player in PVP with the pulse carbine.
I will try that, but I haven’t got a kill with the pulse carbine yet in PVP. Mostly because teammates with the AR kill the enemy before I can fire the last shot with the pulse carbine. But we will see how much I play this week, I am not too happy with the reward for the weekly ultimate challenge and the laggy multiplayer.

Here’s a participation trophy for you :trophy:

As stated above, global progression is coming, just be patient my dude

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