343 you have to be trolling

Cmon please let us know when the pre patch for skill jumps is back i know you didn’t decide to remove them permanently I know you’re trolling. I know this is like a April fools joke right ? Oh wait it’s not April….



Have we seen a break down of what was removed and/or why?

Some of the jumps sound like they may have been geometry glitches. Playing devil’s advocate here. The jump may have been a casualty of fixing the geometry?

And one of the posts on reddit went through a couple of the slides that were taken out. Some of them sounded a little extreme (essentially going straight from spawn to a power up). So maybe it was just those which tended to favour one side that have been removed.

We can still do the stock curb slide right? (which I’m not good at anyway).

Which specific jumps of yours have they “fixed”.

Surprised nobody has blamed the “pros” for this yet…

The pizza jump on streets did it for me…

They took out all kinds of jumps… nerf slides… fine. But remove skill jumps from halo… is just not halo

Technically, Halo never had skill jumps, just crouch jumps.

These “skill jumps” which slide off ramps or clamber off pixels aren’t Halo at all, it’s more like a Halo 5 thing.

And Infinite is trying to emulate H3 but with some modernity right? So should just stick to simple movement and focus on gunskill.


Go on keep lying to your self You’ve clearly never played halo CE through 3…. The logic on these forums is baffling…

I just googled the pizza jump.

Looks like a perfectly reasonable skill jump.

I wouldn’t have thought they would deliberately remove it specifically. I’d wager it was a secondary casualty of a geometry update to the map. It’s hitbox got removed or was made smaller.

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I said Halo technically never had skill jumps, just crouch jumps. And I’m right, because alot of these “skill jumps” are indeed crouch jumps.

But apparently this went over your head and you decided to see red and go barking. Sheeesh.

no, april fools jokes are targeted for season 3, late august :facepunch: