343, you had since Halo 4 to get this right, or at least come close to Halo feeling like Halo

The interesting thing about all this, you had the original Bungie that entire time to work with, and I’m referring to the Halo trilogy Bungie, not whoever these people are that created D2, but it sure seems you guys are working together seeing how you have followed them down the same lame path.

Do guys even know what made Halo, Halo?

In spite of all the issues, Bungie had within the company/Microsoft. They were gamers creating a game for us, not just themselves to see what they can get away with. The game is not the problem, and it never has been. Halo has literally been in your face that you could have easily worked off, and you totally ignored it with this bata. That biggest slap in the face since you started working on Halo.

Stop the BS and start acting like a company, not just another stupid business wanting to make a profit.

Edit: No people, I’m not looking for Halo to be “Bungie Halo”, but to strip the core game down to Barbone of what Halo was? Come on now…

(IMO) some of the decisions that should have been made, and some that shouldn’t have ever taken place.

-Removing RvB, making us look like beacons
-Removing collision, the use your head before you react…
-Fall damage should have been added to the game
-Balancing has taken a lot of the fun out of the game using weapons/vehicles. Things feel way too watered down, and some are pointless to even use.

  • Creating a shop that dictates the direction of a game is the dumbest thing that could have ever happened to Halo. It screwed up the entire customization.
    -Creating challenges as if this is a looter shooter? Sorry, not sorry, this is not Destiny and it should never be treated as such when it comes to grinding.
    -Players choice should always be a thing when it comes to playlist. Not control every game mode they play. I don’t like CTF, I should have the option to not play if I don’t want to. meaning I shouldn’t have to leave a match, not that I have regularly, but it will become a thing that more players will end up doing.
    -Bots, someone brought this up. Using a bot as a filler when a teammate leaves a match. Really???
    -Forced cross-play is not cool, there should be a toggle, again, players choice.
    -The drip-feed content is a sure way to lose a lot of players. 9 months before the forge world is released is hart braking. The one thing out of this entire game I was actually looking forward to. The one place players can get lost in being creatives doing something constructive.

343 there is a huge list of things wrong with this game that I didn’t add that have been posted. I suggest you take them into consideration and look for the best options that benefit the player base as well as yourself.

IMO 343 you have a lot to fix with this game, and the way you started this bata out is not a good thing at all. ( first impressions matter ) I’d keep that in mind if I were you.


What even is the feedback here…?


What’s hard to understand?

Probably complaining that it’s become a MTX skinner box just like Destiny 2.
My complaints is the above and that it’s essentially just Halo 5 again without the boosters in my bum.


I feel like this is the most Halo that Halo has ever been since Halo 3. There are problems with the progression system and monetisation of the live service which is the multiplayer but I doubt it will stay like that.
I was just wondering what the actual constructive criticism was, because all I read was a statement that just more or less says, “343I Halo is not the same as Bungie Halo and I don’t like that”.

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This “Halo” title is miles away from even playing like vanilla halo let alone feeling like one. Sure you have cute nostalgic adds here and there to convince you youre playing a halo game. The OP is right. They’ve had feedback after feedback slap them in the face for the last 8 years. Yet this still manage to ef things up and go against what the community wants. They’ve created a hot mess with beautiful packaging. I havent played the game in probably a week now. There is nothing pulling me in like the other halo’s have

Just cause you load up the game and the Halo theme song plays, and you spawn with an AR, doesnt make it halo.


the game at its core is really fun and is more halo than 5 and 4, but unfortunately, the gaming industry is in this place to nickel and dime the consumer at every chance. in reality, it is the consumer’s fault tbh for allowing this. it’s hilarious though seeing the fanboys defend 343 on Redditt, youtube and other places lol.


I really REALLY do not agree with this. Halo Infinite has probably the worst vehicle “feel” from the entire series, on top of playing like practically every other Modern FPS title (slide, sprint, ADS on most weapons).
It’s better game than 5 if you hated the boosters, but honestly to me it feels worse in quite a lot of ways. It’s also better than 4 for lacking the loadouts, but Halo 4 without the loadouts is honestly the closest 343 got to an actual Halo game.

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Halo wasn’t ever created to be a cash shop, but it goes a lot further than just that…

The drip-feed content
Treating a game that is not a looter shooter like one
The graphics look cartoonish.
The so-call “balancing” that has taken a lot of the fun out of the game using weapons/vehicles.
Removing Red vs Blue, that everyone looks like a beacon.
No fall damage
No collision

I can make a mile-long list that this game doesn’t even come close to feeling like Halo. It feels like a wannabe CoD.

What is more Halo about this that’s comparable to Halo 3?

  • The plasma pistol doesn’t even EMP vehicles.

  • Plasma rifle? Gone. Shotgun? Gone. Spartan Laser? Absent. Beam Rifle? Nada.

  • No player collision.

  • No friendly fire in every mode by default.

  • No pre game lobbies

  • No pre map loading screens.

  • No Carnage report

  • No grande Jumping or a sense of explosive force moving players.

  • Vehicle physics are bad

  • Movement physics is floaty and cartoony. Have you seen the strafing speed? No sense of momentum and inertia.

  • Flag and Oddball do not kill in one hit.

  • Half Baked Animations on player models.

  • Radar doesn’t even work properly.

  • Do NOT get me started on the visual effects when it comes to particles and debris cause boy oh boy does the free to play show. It’s almost laughable, how visually more pleasing Halo 3, Reach and 2 Anniversary is to look at when an explosive goes off …but then I look at Infinities sorry excuse of a plasma grenade that explodes into Neon Blue koolaid Juice.

The only thing this thing overtakes Halo 3 is the BR. But that’s it. Reach was/is more Halo than Infinite than it will EVER be until things as stated above are fixed. Cause this game does not feel tuned and optimized that feels like an upgraded Halo. It feels like a pretty free to play mobile game at times at.

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The bones of this game feel very Halo. Everything that’s not can be updated and changed.

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Equal starts arena game play, classic shield/health mechanic, descoping, and huge emphasis on map,b power weapon, and power up control.

How exactly does it not “feel like Halo”?

I’m asking as a 20 year Halo vet, because this feels like a direct evolution of H3 to me.
Essentially what Reach should have been gameplay wise, but with modern day QoL features like the mark system

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Exactly. I completely agree with Cmdr_Brannick also.

To say that this game is in Open Beta, I’d say it’s in a really good place. Sure, it could be better. But, I think most of the problems are just because Halo is trying to find its place, considering the current climate of the market.

I disagree with the ‘advanced movement’ being a problem because they literally FIXED sprint and Bungie managed to get sprint very wrong in Halo Reach.

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Sorry bud but there are no equal starts when weapons are randomly rotated on maps (one side gets a BR, and the other gets a VK).

Also no equal starts when vehicle spawns are RNG and only bring power vehicles in with 30 seconds left in a game.

And no map or power control when the game literally tells you when they’re about to come up, where they are at all times, and simply puts them out in the open.

My favorite example of perfection is rockets on The Pit in H3. Tight hallway, equidistant from each spawn. You had to FIGHT for those bad boys and there were so many ways to do so.

Rotate for camo, grab the BR and hang back, rain grenades but risking killing a teammate, full send and try to grab them.

Wow, what we’ve lost 🥲

I don’t think it’s fair to call this a beta. If it is, why are they charging people for stuff in the store?

We’ve already had the betas but 343i likes to call them flights. This is early access and it’s not a great one.

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True, I’ll give you that one. How can it be a Beta if there are microtransactions?
Although like I say, it’s the same for most games in the market at the moment. There are microtransactions in games which have been in Early Access for literally years - a scummy form of live service.
They haven’t done the right thing at all with the shop and I suspect that this will be one of the things that will be completely reworked. Everyone hates it.

I agree that it’s hard to hate on it since it’s the current climate in the industry but I also try to remember the IP in question.

Halo is/was always going to sell. It was always a safe bet for MS so why meddle when you know it will make money at the end of the day?

I don’t think a change in demographic is as much as a reason as limitless greed. It’s sad that even Halo fell to it but in retrospect, we all should have seen this coming.

343i chases trends and they’re always the last one to catch it. So now they’re on the F2P boat extremely late to the party when there are other f2p models out there that are way more consumer friendly with way more polish on their gameplay.

Reach had descoping, emphasis on power weapons and map control.

And tell me what’s equal starting in Big Team Battle…I’d love to know. And see my post above about how it doesn’t feel truly like Halo anymore more than Reach does. Halo 4 literally went back to the shield and no medkit packs Halo Reach did even though that mechanic was in CE…it wasn’t until Halo 2 that did away with a TRULY classic shield mechanic.

Fall damage should not be added unless it’s an option in custom games.

Wasn’t fall damage only in like CE and Reach? Pretty sure 2/3 both had none.