343, you dropped the [odd]ball on this one...

I love Halo, and Halo 4 is no exception… graphics are incredible, it holds true to the classic Halo’s while adding 343’s own flavor to the mix. I love everything, with the very large exception of the multiplayer…

Lag plagues the multiplayer on Halo, and I’ve walked from the game altogether to play another multiplayer FPS, which I won’t name to keep the arguments about which is better at bay. I sometimes play for hours waiting for just a single game in which lag doesn’t screw everything up. At first I thought it was my internet, but then went to another FPS out of frustration and was amazed at how smooth the multiplayer ran. No lag, kill cams were right on, and I all worked as expected. Halo 4, completely different story… I get one-shotted with BR’s, and then watch animations of BR bullets fly over my corpse (lag); I get sniped through walls after I’ve just ducked behind them (lag); Sticky’s curve in the air (lag); Scattershots and Shotguns are one shot kills at mid-range (lag). I’ve read the forums, and I know everyone will say that the kill cam is ‘off’, and that the kills were legit… and any of you who would like to test this theory, I’d be more than happy to go capture a few gameplay videos so you can see what I’m talking about.

It’s absolutely frustrating to play such a great game and get pwned by a noob because his BR is working spot on and my DMR, after 8 consecutive headshots, is doing what appears to be nothing. I’d rather get 1 kill and die 30 times and be handed a humiliating loss than to go through the frustration of laggy game after laggy game after laggy game.

While I’m whining, I’ll add a few things :

  • No Doubles in the playlist sucks!!! My girlfriend and I are tired of losing games because our teammates run out and die over and over like noobs.
  • Matchmaking… let’s admit it, it sucks. Granted, previous Halo’s didn’t exactly have the best matchmaking system, but come on 343. Why, in 2013, am I playing an Infinity Slayer match with one other teammate (against 4) for the length of a game, and yet every time I try to get a game started I’m thrown into one where my new team is down 30 kills and :30 after I’m in the game is over. I program for a living, and I cannot fathom an instance in which you couldn’t program the system so that if you left your last game because you were getting pwned, you are thrown into a different losing game
  • Needler: No idea what this guns problem is. I like it when it works, but half the time (possibly due to lag, not sure on this one yet) but my reticle doesn’t turn red, and leaves the needles to fly around pointlessly. Again, feel free to try and call me on this one, I can post videos
  • Vehicles : Incredibly overpowered. Not so much the weapons they have, but their armor.
  • Loving the new points system (ie. Revenge, Avenger, Guardian Angel, etc.) but why do they all have to be positive. Hand out kill-stealer medals to punks on the team that cannot get their own kills, hand out betrayal medals to people who try to throw the game. Make them count against the points, and while you’re in there, throw in losing points when you die (off your score, not necessarily the teams score). This only encourages novices to run out and get pwned in the hopes they’ll get a kill or two before going down so that they can earn the points necessary. I have lost count the number of times that I had a +15 KD ratio, and ended up in 3rd or 4th place because my teammates ran out solo and got pwend, but got more points than I did, even though they ended up -15. My point is, “Skill” points require no skill to achieve, and to add to it, deaths only hurt the teams score rather than the player who is constantly dying.
  • Maps : More small maps. As I mentioned earlier, my girlfriend and I play local multiplayer infinity slayer constantly. I love Complex, and so does she, but it’s just too big for us to play together… the screen lags (this is, from what I can tell, a lag due to rendering too many graphics at once for the Xbox rather than internet lag… it only happens when we are both outside and the Xbox has a lot to render. We need a Doubles playlist with nothing but smaller maps (Adrift, Haven, Abandon, etc.). We want to play Capture the Flag together, as well as King of the Hill, but the maps that make it in the mix ruin it for us. We always stick to Infinity Slayer playlist since the majority of games end up on Haven or Adrift, and the xbox can handle those no problem.
  • Grifball : great idea, but the lag kills it completely. Again, I’ve got the video. I’d like to add that personally I do not think K/D ratio should affect your career stats (maybe it doesn’t, haven’t actually looked into it for sure). I play Grifball because I love Halo but need a temporary change of pace, so why not play some Halo Football. I’d deal with the lag if my K/D didn’t count, but the combination of my hard-earned K/D ratio going down the tubes after I’m lag-hammered (and betrayed) repeatedly is enough for me to never want to play it again.
  • For Halo 5 : Play a game or two on Haven, split-screen, on the red team, and see how many times you die because you couldn’t see the blue dude coming down the hall… beautiful map, but provides a distinct advantage to the blue team based on the textures alone… reminds me of trying to play Narrows on split screen while red. Just an opinion.
  • Social : What happened to the social list. I loved Halo 3’s social list, because sometimes I want to play a little “unranked” halo while my lunch cooks in the oven or something. I’m not 100% committed to match from the get-go, I just want to kills some people and not have my career K/D go down. I want to play the new maps and learn them a bit before going into ranked and getting pwned by players who’ve had them for a month. My point, sometimes I want to play halo multiplayer without a care in the world, and the Social playlist was my go-to (especially after a few drinks), but unfortunately it is MIA.

Don’t get me wrong, you did a hell of a job with your first Halo title, but the multiplayer lag kills it for me, and I’ve been a huge fan of Halo since the first. The graphics on single-player campaign are ridiculous. The multiplayer (on the off occasion it doesn’t lag) is so much fun, especially when I know that every kill gets me closer to my Ordnance Mastery. The ability to swap loadouts mid-match is a great idea. I want to love this game, I really do, but you dropped the ball. The majority of us play Halo for the Multiplayer matches… for me there is no better thing after a long day at work to sit next to my girl on the couch while we headshot noob after noob with our BR & DMR from down the hall in Adrift, but when those headshots don’t count, we both get frustrated very quickly. We’ve been playing Split-Screen FPS games since we got our XBox, and we are far from being noobs when it comes to keeping each other alive and mowing down the enemy, but YOU make winning so damn hard. Not the people we play, but your game!

We have since moved on from Halo 4 to another FPS and I feel like a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders when I turn on my XBox and jump into multiplayer now. I get pwned (being a noob in this one), but I deserve to get pwned… I suck at it. But I’m no slouch when it comes to Halo 4.

Again, I can provide video proof.

We must be playing different games. I never see any lag.

vehicles OP in H4?

Are we playing the same game? last I check they were made of dryer lint and toothpicks…

Im not too sure how to answer you cause i rarely experience lagg. I guess it depends on the internet you have.

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Wow that was a wall of text I didn’t read but I hard;y ever get lag when I play. Maybe your connection is bad.

I’ve thought it was my internet as well, even though my internet is incredibly fast when I do anything else on it. I’m playing another FPS and I never have any problems with lag on the new game… it sucks, because this game is nowhere near as fun in my opinion, but it is SO much less frustrating to play.

i only get lag in spartan ops. i don’t get any at all in competitive

I NEVER get lag, literally. In fact I get less lag than I did in any other halo, on par with the amount of lag I get in bf3, flawless, serious

I suppose I will go through my router settings yet again and see if I can come up with anything… and I guess a few matches to get some video evidence of what I’m dealing with is in order.

if you live outside of north america you will lag, which is why they need to put in the preferences that were in halo reach and improve it

I’m in the continental US, got good cable internet, no other games lag, my download speeds are great, up are great, ping times great, etc. etc. etc.

You could just be joining games that have a host that’s far away from you or that has terrible internet. When I play Halo 4 I usually get matched up with people that have good connections, but when I get a game with a laggy host it’s a nightmare (possibly worse than laggy Halo 3 games).

I don’t lag, much, like…ever.

Your whining is worthless and does not make sense. Just hearing “vehicles overpowered,” turned me off and stopped me from reading. And if you think a ‘noob’ with a BR should not be able to ‘out-kill’ you with a DMR, shame because it should be that way. BR should always be stronger than DMR at close encounters.

Trust me man, I played Halo 3 and was a 50 in all of the playlists except Lone Wolvers (god forbid the host there), where I was a 47. Halo 3 had horrendous lag problems, reallly really bad, but it was still a fun, balanced, and playable game. Halo 4 may have bad lag problems but not as extensively as H3, but overall I do agree that there is no compensation from a balanced game.

All I want you to do is look at the big picture and don’t whine on the little stuff. We need no Instant Respawn, de-scoping, no Sprint, decreased bullet mag, working fileshare, and more balanced weapons. Vehicles also need a buff in armor, since they honestly feel like cardboard. Stop focusing on the small details and focus on the large migraines.

That last reply wasn’t at all hypocritical…

Anyway, girlfriend got home and wanted to play some Halo 4, so we fired up Infinity Slayer. Two of the laggiest games we’ve had in a while, and I made sure to save both video files after the match. Put in another multiplayer FPS after these two and experienced 0 lag issues.

You can argue that vehicles may not be overpowered, but you cannot argue with the videos I have saved… it was almost nauseating to watch the screen skip so much. I uploaded it to my file share, but as far as I can tell that is pointless at this time, so I’ll play the video on my Xbox and record the laggy parts with my phone, upload it to youtube, and you can all see what I’m talking about.

We used to play Halo 3 on crappier 3G internet and experienced less lag than we do now on 4 with cable internet. But again, I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

Again, you could just be joining games with laggy hosts…

what game are you all playing. Halo 4 has lag, its always going to the black screen with the names f the players and saying starting game because of the lag and whenever players drop out. the forge test playlist is especially lagy. and no its not my connection becaus ei switch games and everything is fine

> * No Doubles in the playlist sucks!!! My girlfriend and I are tired of losing games because our teammates run out and die over and over like noobs.
> * Needler: No idea what this guns problem is. I like it when it works, but half the time (possibly due to lag, not sure on this one yet) but my reticle doesn’t turn red, and leaves the needles to fly around pointlessly. Again, feel free to try and call me on this one, I can post videos
> * Vehicles : Incredibly overpowered. Not so much the weapons they have, but their armor.

Doubles playlist comes out next Monday.

You are probably out of range for the Needler. Or you are just doing something wrong. Or your opponent is out staggering you.

You’ll have to debate vehicles with many others. I think they are fine. But many, unlike you, say that they are extreamly weak.

Very happy to hear that doubles is coming out soon.

I appreciate your input on the needler, but I’ve been using the needler for many years now. I know when I’m out of range. It’s more a situation along the lines of the guy is right in front of me and I’m right on him with my aiming but it never turns red… the needles stick in them but they just run around with pink needles sticking out of them and nothing happens. This occurs much less than the general lag does, but it does happen. I have to swap guns and take them out that way, wishing the entire time that my needles would do their thing.

I am more than willing to agree that vehicles, along with other points I’ve made, are my opinion and can easily be argued… nobody can argue that the game doesn’t lag for us.

Dude you’re wayyy off with vehicles being overpowered. The plasma pistol and plasma grenade are both available in your loadout. Every vehicle dies in 2-3 sticks. Set you and your girlfriend up with a couple of anti-vehicle classes, and you’ll be at the top of the food chain in no time.

Me and my bro play splitscreen a lot together, and I can’t even begin to describe the lag. And then when we go to a large map, it gets even worse. Halo 3, Reach, Black ops 1, and MW3 all have zero split screen lag. How hard is it 343??

Don’t even get me started on the killcams.