343 you don't know what HALO is !!!

Halo is not about loads of weapon feel almost the same or endless uncontrollable death from loads of power weapon. Halo is a balanced system of weapons, so different and all works in their on advantage ways. And the map is like a shopping mall, you can always know where to get the type of weapon to help you, to play the way you want at that time.

I don’t know how arrogant or stupid you are to put out of this system completely and replace it with COD slayer!!(infinity slayer)

Now I always run out of weapons to find and the only way to play is keep my eye on everyone and stay with my team, and WAITE for the time or weapon come find me! I don’t want to use and anger words, I will just leave.

gee i have never seen a post like this before…

I agree 343 should have done their home work, if Halo 4 was a test of the fans they failed.

Me niether…


Totally agree
Feels like COD more than Halo
What were they thinking??? If they were at all…

I better not see anyone talking about his grammar. It’s obviously a copy/paste translator, but you all get the idea.

I for one agree with the OP. Halo is supposed to be an arena shooter, with weapons on the map and the same starting equipment. That’s what “halo” is. & hopefully a Classic playlist pops up which can bring us back to the glory days of Halo 1,2, and 3 instead of playing an upgraded Reach.

> These threads are growing very old, very fast…

So are post like yours, and I bet you know who can make “these threads” go away.

Ill give you a hint their name starts, and ends with 3s.