343 you are shooting yourself in the foot

Like the title says you guys and MS want our money but at the same time the game is not going to last with this monetization scam you have going and that’s a fact might wanna change up your practices ASAP the longevity of your game depends on it to get more money for the long haul……


I just miss the days when armor reflected your skill & not your wallet.

I was expecting a steady compromise between free and paid items but in Infinite the line is drawn so thin I don’t think it ever existed.


I mean it’s just egregious at this point… 10 dollars for 2 knives, 10 dollars for red cmon there has to be a change in order for this game to survive…. The hardcore fans like myself won’t allow it I canceled my preorder At GameStop for campaign I will not support this system…

How many spam topics are we gonna have about microtransaction or progression etc?!?


They know? You sure about that just because “they know” doesn’t mean they’re going to make drastic changes that need to be made everyone’s voice needs to be heard regarding this who are you to tell me what I can and cannot post ?


You don’t get change by just asking once…


Not like we have 5000 topics of this one spread around this forum, steam forum, twitter and every famous Halo YouTuber…i think they have gotten the memo that we dont like it.

If i recall hearing that they know that we dont like it. But nothing will be changed since they are on a vaccation.
They are gonna rework the entire system so we have a good progression system etc.

I agree all topic are about the season pass but barely see a topic about the weapon balance

I highly doubt they’ll rework the whole system “to be good.” Also, one employee with no real power making a vague statement on his personal Twitter account doesn’t guarantee anything. 343 needs to make a public statement WITH their plans to fix this mess and then MAYBE we’ll stop complaining.

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Most of the weapons are well balanced. It’s not really a concern atm.

There where rumored that everyone is on vaccation now.
I do agree with you on that they should make a public statement that they have heard us and what they gonna do with the system

I’m not saying the weapon balance isn’t a problem too I’ve made many weapon balance posts……

I’m not going to kill campaign over MP. Ran and controlled by separate people.

What? Well I respect your opinion but I think most of the weapons need a little work, for me the only reliable and good one is the BR I miss that weapon like in the old Halo 2 times, Comando is almost useless with that abrupt recoil, the Heatwave and Buldog can kill you in long range but against a sword or hammer are useless (more obvious in Fiesta), the shock weapons man I really hate those one Disruptor o whatever it calls that weapon I can even see the bullets.

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Until they fix it. Just like we had to do with mcc

The mindset I have with Halo infinite is I have to pay $15 CDN per battle pass. So if there are 4 season a year, I will be paying $60 for the game every year I play it. Since I know I have to pay for the battle pass every season, everything in the store is not worth it.

If I could earn coins in the battle pass, enough to pay for the next battle pass I’d be more likely to see something in the store and purchase it.

However, the insane “pay high prices for the littlest things” model that 343 is implementing will probably turn me off the game before season 2 even drops.