343 you are amazing

I will admit at first i thought you guys were going to destroy halo but now i see you (my opinion) are better than bungie you take halo and ficton much more seriously,you are doing great with all the things you are doing

  1. halo waypoint is asome with fiction documenteries,funny videos, halo career and armor

  2. forerunner sage crytum you are finnally focusing on the time of the forerunners and the things that shaped the halo universe in to what it is today and their biggest mysteries ,which i thought would never get explored until today thanks

  3. halo fiction fix in the fall of reach and comic just asome, the flood and first strike

  4. halo glasslands sequel ( sorta sequel) please put jun in there to shut up people saying he did in a pelican crash he is still alive he took halsey to sword base that spartan in defient trailer was random spartan with scout armor he had different secoundary colours

i wish you luck as the future handers in halo and hope you make halo 4 asome

also with the title update please remove bloom, armor lock etc

> also with the title update please remove bloom, armor lock etc

I doubt they are going to remove anything all together from the game with the title update. Most likely just add options to tweak them. as some people bloom and armor lock, so if you remove them then they wouldn’t like the game.

If they do have an option to remove bloom it will only be in certain playlist, so hopefully there will be playlist’s with bloom and playlist’s without it. But again a doubt they are going to take bloom out all together. Most likely just tweaking it a bit.

Bungie is a great company. AA’s wont be removed, and bloom most likely not. I really think you failed to see what Bungie truly did. Of course 343 is making all those things, because they are continuing Halo. I think 343 is just as great a company as Bungie. After all, Bungie gave many us unforgettable moments since Halo CE.
I really hate to see people think that Bungie doesnt care, there was a beta for Reach and many changes were done. They listened, and its sad to see them go. I have faith that 343 will bring just as many great moments.