343, y u no disable party chat?

I’m bored to hell with people ALWAYS IN PARTY CHAT. I’d rather not be in my own party because people on my friends list either don’t have Halo 4 or they’re playing something else.

I didn’t buy a microphone just to be stay quiet while I’m playing. I’m sure the majority of people here are thinking the same thing as I. Please fix this, maybe do what Bungie did with Halo: Reach’s Matchmaking Social Preferences. Even people in the Bungie forums are complaining about this. All we ask for is a way to filter out people in party chat.

Honestly, who cares?

I’d rather get into a match pretty quickly with a quiet party than be in a match with an incredibly disruptive party and wait even longer.

All the randoms with mics I come across either dole out verbal abuse so I have to mute them or don’t communicate at all so I just party chat with friends I am playing with.

No point making call outs when the majority of randies just tell me to “shut the f%$# up”.

Party Chat is one of the best things to happen to XBL

> Party Chat is one of the best things to happen to XBL

Agreed…party chat is the only way I’ll play multiplayer games online now. I don’t want to sit there and get cursed at all game long (I get enough of that at work). And lets be honest, teamwork doesn’t really occur with random people, no one wants to take orders from someone else online that acts like they are the General of the game. And as I’m sure hearing a teammate say hey someone is behind you may help every once in a while, it would ultimately get confusing as to where or who your talking to.

The other thing is that party chat is a great way for me to talk to my brother or friends online (without having to call on the phone), while still getting to enjoy a great game with them. Party chat is the easiest and best way to use teamwork, friends always work better with each other and tend to know how the other plays.

So don’t force me to have to use game chat or listen (or mute many players) to everyone who either plays music loudly, curses at me, or in general belittles others online because they are a “big” person on the internet. It’s really just not fair to all of us who want to enjoy the game with friends in a separate chat room with private conversations we don’t want or need others to hear.

OP, I like people being in party chat. It means I don’t have to listen to their retardation.

I’m french and I certainly don’t want to be insulted by americans all game long for speaking with an accent.
my french friends dont even speak english, so they would bother others more than anything. I’m sure millions of gamers don’t speak english too, so they go in party chats to avoid being insulted by racists.

I, for one, would not even plug my mike in if they disabled party chats.

This would happen naturally if a visible ranking system was introduced. In ranked, at least, where voice chat matters.

I really miss matchmaking filters. Mostly the connection one, I don’t even really know if it worked but it made me feel better about lag. As for party chat, if you can convince the general public to not be turds I’ll get out of it. I usually go 2-3 games muting screeching mics and annoying kids before I switch over to party chat or use mute all

People should be allowed to stay in party chat if they choose to, anyway if I want to communicate with team mates I stay in game chat give call outs, it doesn’t bother me if they don’t reply but not everyone stays in party chat and those who have not got their mic pulled in will be able to hear me and maybe plug their mics in. But forcing people to do certain things is never the answer, if 343 start forcing people to go to party chat then the game would lose out on a large chunk of players.

Then make some friends and go into a party with them. Join one of the many clans on these forums.

Cause people will stop playing halo 4 and no one talks in games where game chat is forced

The only reason people were ever out of party chat in old halo games was competitiveness,nobody cares if they win or lose now so why bother listening to randoms when it doesn’t really do anything for you to sit and call out for them all match

i’m much more inclined to hop in to party chat and talk with friends especially considering most of my old halo friends have hopped to black ops 2 or moh or something like happy wars

honestly i’d rather have some incentive to speak in gamechat and make the decision on my own than have someone tell me i just can’t go in party chat…just one more excuse not to play you know?

It would be cool if party chat was disabled, but on the flip side, sometimes I just want to chat and catch up with my friends while I play some Halo 4. So really, this could go either way.