343&Xbox excluye a los españoles?? Halo Infinite

EDIT: I was just looking for people to play with, on the website of Spain they tell us to collaborate in the forum. Well, that’s what I did, and yet they scold me for speaking in Spanish and not in English, that as far as I know is not in the code of conduct. On the contrary, it tends to integrate and have a good vibes. It seems to me something that they have to correct, because I am already afraid that they will not bend the Spanish of Spain Halo Infinite as it is Halo 2 CE or as it was (at first) Gears 4. The worst would be without doubling or translated. I just wanted Spanish-speaking people, wherever they are from. And the deal doesn’t seem fair to me. This is edited because I do not want to delete anything and this is written by a translator, I do not want to be misunderstood, but it is what I have been told in a very bad way in my opinion: here only in English. As well … This you have to solve 343 and Xbox!

They have always translated all Halo games into Spanish, locating it according to whether it is Latin America or Europe. Why should it be any different now?

What worries me is the ABSOLUTE abandonment suffered by the Spanish version of Halo Waypoint and which I complained about months ago:

The website in Spanish is totally abandoned. | Halo Waypoint Support | Forums | Halo - Official Site

Request that was ignored. I know that Halo Infinite will be translated and dubbed, but the Spanish community is abandoned by 343.

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We are four cats who play Halo in Spain and still they prevent me from speaking in Spanish here and they throw me off. That’s called prejudice, for me it’s embarrassing and worth fixing. So Halo will never succeed again in Spain. Well, one thing is the current of opinion on twitter and another is that we do play. Ashamed that they delete me comments just for looking for people to play in Latin America, that I only have to write in English … that is called SUPREMACISM AND RACISM in my understanding. And this must be answered with a pardon because now I see 343 i and Xbox as a supremacist company from the USA. I did not like the treatment received, and I do not care since they do not put me in the insider program, this seems to me A SHAME Xbox! Halo CE2 is not translated and dubbed into Spanish in Spain, only in Latin America. I still have no problems, but I do have achievements like those of the terminals not being translated. Shameful.

Partner, you must relax, it is true that in Spain the Halo community is not very high compared to that of Latin America. But for this reason you should not let yourself go and release this type of comments, it is counterproductive and in the end you end up losing your voice in this forum.

343 needs to do a revamp of how it treats its community on the forum, be it for example by opening a sub-forum for each main language of the community and adding people who are truly committed to the community as mods. But if you end up being expelled for your behavior then you will not be able to try to contribute to the forum so that the support of the Spanish community for Halo is noticed.

Think about it, my friend