343 WTF?

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343 holy -Yoink- how stupid are you? You take months for any of the obvious choices to change things like spawning with PPistol and PGrenade but you still have camo in BTB?

What is wrong with you -Yoinks!- how can you still not change this broken -Yoink- it does not fit for BTB giant maps with people camo shooting across maps with dmrs and snipers IT DOES NOT WORK. Then there is the damn boltshot as a starting weapon it’s a damn shotgun you spawn with that is better then the actual shotguns in the game.

And for all the -Yoinks!- who say “you can see the dots on radar” NO YOU CAN’T they are across the map with -Yoinking!- camo you can’t see that on your -Yoink!- radar.

It would even help if you -Yoinks!- would communicate with us but no most of you watch neogaf forums say one random line and that’s it. Then there’s a weekly bulletin which most of it is spartan ops what kind of -Yoinking!- -Yoink- is that.

Oh and you FINALLY mention the ranked aspect of the game again and it’s postponed once again another 2-3 months and still not even going to have it as in game option you have to go to your -Yoink- WAYPOINT WEBSITE that is just god -Yoinking!- awful just hire bungie to do a website because they knew how to do a simple damn website.

You guys put out a game that seems like it was meant for Christmas 2013 yet you are probably already working on Halo 5 to come out for the new console and probably just gave up on this game, because if you didn’t give up then this must be a -Yoinking!- joke as you all are laughing to the bank.

Why get someone like bravo to come in but obviously not use him I bet he has a lot of great ideas but you’re probably all to incompetent to even listen to him.

343 fix this broken -Yoink- -Yoink- you incompetent -Yoinking!- -Yoinks!- you cant even keep the population above a single CoD Playlist.