343, will we get another chance at the 20th anniversary H2A armor?

Do ever grasp the concept of nobody really cares for what you are saying none of your replies are even helpful & just constantly the same nonsense crap when nobody has been agreeing with you on every Topic that talks about Cosmetics


To answer the original question of this post, the armour will be available next week in the exchange. I bought it when it first came out so I can’t fully remember how much it was but I think it was 10 total season points for everything if I’m not mistaken.


That was not the question that I was asking, and ironically several people have pointed that out to you throughout this thread.

Regardless of the usefulness of the armors I wanted to collect them for myself. Of course, they are useless but many people want to have cosmetic additions to the game.

Have you figured that out yet?


Your original post stated that you had obtained three out of four useless armor pieces in some useless “set”. I simply let you know that you weren’t missing out on anything as none of any of it would have any impact upon your MCC experience at all. I didn’t want you to feel as if you were missing out on anything of any importance or value.

It might not have importance or value to you, that is clear.

But collecting customisable armor options has importance and value to a lot of players, even though it doesn’t affect the gameplay.

It really isn’t that hard to comprehend!


It doesn’t have any importance at all whatsoever. Having that armor will not do anything at all for anyone who wastes their time acquiring and using it.

Importance is subjective. I agree it doesn’t have importance to you.


It has no importance at all. A player having access to any of that will have no advantage at all over me were we to be matched together. Am I wrong?

You’re not wrong. Am I wrong that importance is subjective?

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I am completely correct. Whatever 20th anniversary “armor” the OP is referring to is useless. What exactly will it do for him?

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Good news dirt bag Dirty Nurse, next week the armors are coming back in the exchange. That means anyone that missed them the first time around will get a chance to purchase them with the token system.

Also, it is been absolutely obvious the entire time you have purpsoively been a complete and utter a-hole when it came to the original question that was asked.

Your opinions were aggressive, unwanted, and you were simply trying to cause contention and conflict. It is people like you that have ruined social media and harmed our society with your negative nagging and distasteful attitude.

You sir/maim are what many have referred to as the scum of our society.