343 - Will they ever fix spawns?

Spawns have been broken from day one. I’ve seen countless other posts about the absolute horrid spawning and they haven’t addressed it. I had to uninstall Guardians today because I was so frustrated with the spawns. Repeatedly I am spawned in front of enemies and moving vehicles. 343I should not be considered AAA developers if they let something as simple as spawning be broken. So I ask you, the community, have they said they’ll fix it? Or do they truly not care?

Don’t care. That problem is here to stay unfortunately. Better get used to being spawned beside 2 enemies and getting killed quick. Happens to me a lot.

Let me say this as simple as I can…


The spawns in Arena are fairly decent. Warzone can be atrocious due to the lack of cover and the spawning system not knowing exactly where you want to spawn. I wish spawning on your bro coop style would return.