343 why won’t you engage with the community

How long would it take for a 343 employee to read the forums….get a feel for the most common questions and frustrations and go find the answer and post a weekly response

Here’s an example:

Week 1

We do not see D sync as a quick fix it is on the list but not something we are working on

Aiming system - We have no plans to change this

Just engage with us and for a few words you gain so much. It feels like 343 do not hold the community in such high regard as they try to make us believe


I don’t think they really look on here much which is a shame. Can’t remember the last time I saw a 343 employee post on here which wasn’t just a pinned announcement.


They seem to reply more on Reddit/Twitter. It’s like they forgot this forum exists.


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i know how it feels when it seems there are not reading the forum at all.

since if you look back some month’s ago more after the launch from the game a lot off questions have been ask about topic’s more that have become more hot in the end on the forum and not one off then has been answer by the developer post we got so far.

the crossplay discusions if it can become a option and not force still no good answer.
kbm VS controler still no good answer.
cheating problem took to long for getting a lame answer from then about it.

for some off then you can give the communety a super easy answer like about crossplay between platforms will there be a option to turn off yes or no so easy can it be.

sometime’s its better if there answer hot topic’s more on the forum and make it more clear if there going to chance it or not or are working on it.


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