343 Why AA's?

I would just like to know why 343 decided to stick with AA’s i mean didnt they see that Reach was horrible (Reach did not compare with other Halo’s whether you like it or not). I just dont see how 343 thinks AA’s are any good there is only seven of them and now sprint is standard and looks like AL is gone thank god. Why did 343 not decide to bring back equipment or make a new form of ability or just keep the original halo feel that everyone liked. I mean with equipment you at least get more variety because there was re-generator, bubble shield, active camo, invincibility, trip mine, grav lift, radar jammer, deploy-able cover, flare, and power drain. If 343 decides to stick with AA’s I dont see much change with them going to happen in Halo 5 and 6 and i dont think they thought of that. Equipment has a lot of flexibility and room to add, remove, or change them. For example if people think bubble shield is overpowered they can simply do things such as shorten the length of its duration, make it able to be destroyed, and reduce its radius.
Another thing that equipment is better than Armor Abilities is you can make the armor abilities into equipment. Active camo is pretty self explanatory how it can work as we seen it in Halo 3 campaign. With jetpack it can be picked up and be used as a single use by having a set amount of fuel for it and once its out its done, with hologram you can pick it up and when used it can shoot out 5 holograms forward all of them doing different things like one is sprinting, one walks straight forward, one zigzags, one hops, and the other one shoots towards the enemy (not inflicting any damage of course). Hell even Armor lock could be a single use equipment you pick it up and it would be used against a rocket, grenade, or vehicle about to splatter you.
I hope you like my ideas give me some feedback please and thank you.