343, what's with the lack of communication?

So what’s up with the complete silent treatment? The company is huge, just launched their first full game, millions of people purchased it, 100,000s of players on all the time. Yet, they are completely silent about issues/progress in the game.

What gives?

I’m a Tribes: Ascend player as well, and hi-rez studios has 28 people on staff and are in the middle of a closed beta for another game, yet I STILL see more output from their devs/management than I do for this game.

I mean there has been plenty of issues brought to their attention and all we’ve gotten so far was a couple of tweets acknowledging the existence of said issues.

That’s a problem.

343 you really need to be more transparent, because right now, your as transparent as a brick wall.

As I mentioned before, Tribes Devs are very vocal and on the ball. They just released a “Dev Blog” where developers can post what they are working on, and things they are looking into. Maybe 343 could adopt something similar, because as this is their first real game we can’t just go on “Faith” here.

There are too many scrub montages to show to put anything relevant in the news section. And God forbid IGN to ask about a TU.

I agree, the past three bulletins have not addressed concerns directly.

The first time it was “Okay, it’s still only the second week, let’s wait.”
The second time it was “Okay, it’s Thanksgiving, next week they’ll address the issues.”
The third week it was “Okay, seriously, where are the issues?”

Honestly, it is very annoying… I login to check the Spec Code Thread and see that its gotten over a thousand pages long with only a few people actually saying they have been helped… Then I go to the news and see a stupid Gangnam Style Halo 4 Video… I felt as though I have been ignored after I broke my leg…

What problems are we talking about exactly that they are ignoring?..

Clearly 343 just wants to rake in the buck$ without addressing the real issues.

They could have had a beta, and made a conscious decision not to.

They could have utilized dedicated servers, but made the conscious decision not to.

Now we see what we get. A bug filled game with an incomplete multiplayer that takes forever to get into a game. And when you DO get in a game it is even more lag and black screen filled than Reach.

They don’t want to lie and say things are great, and they don’t want to acknowledge they screwed up royally either, so we get silence and Halo Bulletins with no useful information.

They don’t even use their own forums. To communicate with them at all you have to go to NeoGaf. To me that’s just nuts.

The folks at Bungie regularly discussed things with the community at Bungie.net, and when they screwed up that acknowledged it and got it fixed.

Frankly, some folks at 343 need to get canned and replaced, because the genious that decided there shouldn’t be a beta and no move to dedicated servers clearly made the wrong call.

> What problems are we talking about exactly that they are ignoring?..

  1. No ranking system even though there was mention of a ranking system.

  2. File sharing still doesn’t work.

  3. Forging issues up the ying-yang ie. No precision forging, objects shifting co-ordinates after save+restart.

+countless balance tweaks.

Anyways issue 2 and 3 are severely limiting the communities ability to create and share community maps, which in turn means longer amount of time to have community maps implemented into MM.

When you consider H4s severe lacking of 4v4 maps for Slayer and objective. Getting file sharing up and forge fixed should be top priority.

> What problems are we talking about exactly that they are ignoring?..

Let’s not forget the unreadable disk error too (https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postsm1953289_Halo-4-Disc-1-Unreadable--Mixed-Media-Issue.aspx#post1953289)

I hope something is being done…