343 what are you doing?

Seriously??? Built around the competitive scene? After all these years of the franchise at least supporting some or all amounts of the casual scene? What is actually wrong with you???


Agreed. There are so many other competitive shooters with all kinds of wild zany cosmetics. Halo’s core identity lies in the universe and the aesthetic, and neither seem to be 343s focus.

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I have nothing against competitive scenes, but I feel a good balance is required in order to make them work between competitive and social. People who enjoy the social experience are where you’ll probably draw in most of your money regardless, as well as introducing new blood for the competitive scene in most situations.

Ever since 2 though, Bungie has always supported the competitive scene to at least some extent. Halo 2 offered a ranked mode for instance, which is meant to cater to more competitive players.


I think a competitive scene should grow organically around a title. HCS feels quite forced from the get-go. They wanted it to be a AAA competitive arena shooter and it really shows in how much they neglected casual/social playerbase.