343 Weapon Skins. I GOT THEM!! :D

I managed to get the 343 weapon skins within two packs of the Spartan Armory REQ Packs.

Am I just really lucky, or are they more common now (for a mythic anyway)?

If anyone can answer or if you got them please reply :smiley:


The Gaming Kid - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2uqL3_vmtShxrh-6XQL3Lg/

I’m not sure congrats on getting them. I would like to have them but I would use them. Link.

i don’t think that you really needed to link his channel (which has nothing to do with the topic at hand) but yeah it’s pretty much rng like how i got my MK4 and H2 BR pretty early on when I started doing gold packs.

I just got the 343 Industries Assault Rifle skin today myself. My first pack I used 80,000 Req points and got the two Osiris skins. Then I said screw it and bought a pack for 10 bucks and got the 343 Industries Assault Rifle and ODST Assault Rifle skins. I was pretty happy about that, but like you I don’t really know how well I did.

Ok thanks. I just wasn’t sure how common they are now :slight_smile:

I got the 343 magnum on my 2nd pack and the 343 AR on my fifth, good thing too because i was out of RP’s at that point and I only really cared for the 343 skins.

took me 4 packs to get all of them

> 2533274923675030;7:
> took me 4 packs to get all of them

3 bought with money and 1 with req points

good for you ! :slight_smile:

That’s good. I got two packs and got, 343 magnum. The skins are nice, but I decided not to get a third, I rarely use the ar, and replace it first chance I get. Dealer it with the noble skin.

I got both of the 343 weapons skins in both packs also.

I got both within the first REQ pack, I managed to save up 80,000 just in time it seems lol.