343 Vs World... bring it on!

I’m throwing down the Gauntlet. That’s right - I’m challenging 343 to take on the world similar to how Bungie did in 2009.
[Example Game](Bungie.net Blues fan)
For those who don’t know, Bungie created a 4v4 playlist for a whole weekend and had a team playing in it constantly (with staff rotating in and out of the team). I never got to play against them but I still had a blast. They kept a tally of the wins/losses and I think the World beat Bungie in the end.
I think 343 should do something similar. It’s time for them to step up to the plate and show what they’re made of. I hear bs angel is a dirty camper.
Who’s with me? If you agree, favourite this topic and post a comment so that hopefully a 343 employee can see it.

Bring it!

Holy necroposts batman

Can I haz Recons? :slight_smile:

> Can I haz Recons? :slight_smile:

Lol Good one

Sounds fun, will there be steak also?!! We steak them, they steak us!

How about random king007 versus the world? Somehow I think I’ll lose. I don’t even think I could take on France, let alone the world!

That would be fun.

I am with you, that’s great idea :slight_smile:

If Ghosteyame is in it no one is gonna win.

Bring it Mother Trucker’s!!!

I approve this necropost.
Thumbs up.

Yea right. You know there isn’t 300,000 people playing this right, like there was when Bungie did that playlist to win Recon armor.

wont be the same as bungie vs the world :frowning: but still bring it on 343!!

If i win, I better get some -Yoink- steak, im not going to watch bungie employees eat it in front of my face like last time XC


Oddball this monday… let the sticky detonator war COMMENCE!

side-note: this was a necropost that was actually WORTH doing… wow!