343 vs Bungie Design

Ok so I don’t know if this has been discussed already or not but I want to bring this to 343’s attention. I know you took over the series from bungie and thank you for continuing it but your design of vehicles, weapon sounds, and armor don’t bring the same appeal that Bungie’s design did. The pelican doesn’t not even look the the dropship it used to be with the thrusters and rounded cockpit. And the longsword looked liked something from firefox or something. All in all I know you guys are 2 games into your series but I wanted to see if your changes in Halo 5 were better but they weren’t so if you guys do a Reach anniversary game please keep it the way Bungie did it. Don’t change armor design, vehicle design, and weapon sounds that sounds like combat and looks like combat worthy stuff not your design.

It’-Yoink!- and miss with 343I, some of the best and worst armor design in the whole series.
Also 343i warthog is definitely sexier than bungie warthog.

Its odd, they get so much right like covenant and promethean design but UNSC stuff isn’t looking too good. (mostly armor and weapons). WTF is the new rocket launcher design? Looks like garbage, it makes me more mad every time I pick it up.

Bro, If you havn’t gotten it already… go look up the legionary armor Permutation. WHAT…THE -Yoink-…IS THAT -Yoink-??? I was so unbelieveably furious when i spend 10,000 credits to unloick that -Yoink- armor (my opinion) So yeah, not too keen on 343i’s design choices!

Like for the Corp and UNSC design stuff I feel like they tried to mix it with covenant stuff and it just doesn’t look like military hardware. I like though how they gave ONI designs to the vehicles showing like high tech creative designs but keeping it looking like the military would have stuff. Hopefully too if they do another movie they don’t make Master Chief have those weird sounds when he walked around cause it reminded me of a squeaky shoe lol.

They’re inconsistent but when they get it they really nail it.

Nothing good can come of this thread, except hate and arguments.

I for one feel that 343 is doing a better job than bungie ever did.

The new goose looks like a rideable turd, at best like a log flume