343 vehicle sticky grenade complaint 4 drivers

I have an issue with the fact that majority of The Times a sticky grenades land anywhere on the vehicle That it’s a instant KO for the driver.
The driver is the most hunkered down Spartan on the vehicle In other words the workhogs and razorbacksAnd it just doesn’t make sense on why the vehicle isn’t soaking up some of that damage like bullets I mean it takes 2 rockets To kill the driver. As a passionate driver of the series the series I think it would be very pleasing to see that this gets addressed.
It’s OK if the sticky lands on the driver side pass the a pillar And in between the B pillar Or on top of the vehicle to make sense as a instant KO to the driver. But anywhere else on the vehicle is unexcusable and it just frustrates anybody with actual talent or skill into driving in this game and is extremely passionate about it.
Would like to know the community’s input on this as well.

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Well the vehicles in infinite are basically made of paper. The banshee can be killed with one or two shots from a sniper. Plasmas are near instant multikills when stuck to a vehicle. Any vehicle is cannon fodder for someone wielding a hammer etc etc etc. most of the time getting in a vehicle in infinite is a bad decision


Well if you want it to be like previous Halos, the Warthog is the tankiest thing in the world until it gets stuck by a plasma. Then it kills the entire vehicle and all 3 players riding in it. :slight_smile:

Current Infinite Warthog doesn’t outright kill all players so I think it’s a step in the right direction for game balance, but in hindsight, the whole “Vehicles now have weakpoints” mechanic straight up doesn’t work because the parts which take many shots to kill and the parts which you shoot to impair or weaken the vehicle don’t matter when the most efficient way is just to spam it with explosives, like every other Halo.

In exchange, all they did was make the vehicles way more paper than previous Halos. Fun.

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The banshees are tricky. They need more health as they feel much squishier than the wasp.
The regual pulse cannon on it just doesn’t kill.
Only TRUE WAY to use it.
Is to …
A) hold the air brake button ( same button as Asscend in wasp ) to slow the banshee down exceptionally and pulse cannom the shields and finish them off with the plasma blast cannon. The pulse cannon works like a supper fast plasma pistol. Honestly we all know that PLASMA PISTOL WRECKS SHIELDS BUT SUCKS AT KILLING .
B) remeber you can boost and shoot
C) manuavers is its greatest asset.

It is sad that a wasp could withstand a plasma grenade more than a banshee and a banshee was made to deal plasma damage so you would think it would have a defense buff against it

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The only true way to use the Banshee is using it as a harass vehicle with the weaker Banshee Bomb and just ram things.

You use Banshee Bombs to force people out of cover, and if they’re already low, use the cannons to finish them off. If they leave their cover and they’re still healthy, you dip low near the ground, and boost the entire way through the flyby before pulling back up.

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The banshee is only good for splatters. The weapons are just flashing lights. Trying anything else is just a waiting game to get grapple jacked, you won’t have to wait long though.

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Thats one way to use it. Its definitely weaker in the attack area and less affective then a ghost due to its fast mobility.

The speed is the main goal of the Banshee and always has been, combined with hit and run bombing or splattering, the cannons are really pointless in most cases and used only to soften up tougher targets.

It’s just that Infinite’s Banshees were balanced so poorly when the tactic to use them was still designed around quick and fast flybys which put them at a much higher risk to pilot over the Wasp.

Infinite’s vehicle balancing needs major working on, especially for Tanks where boarding is just no longer a viable tactic because the Tanks are so damn tanky now and don’t even die to a planted nade nor are they hijackable, and the doomsday mechanic just lets the driver get away scott free.