343 try backing your own game by banning quitters

By making this free to play game you have created an epidemic of quitters, those who get killed straight away, or go 1 flag down or go 4 kills behind

Try banning them for days and weeks.
Yes they will just make a new account ( because you allowed them to do that)
But show you have confidence in your game by stating that’s it’s so good you will do your ban and play again !!!
Truth is your dishing out a couple of hours ban in the hope that these people spend cash later.

Well done


That’s a little harsh. You have no idea why someone quit a game. They could have lost connection, a phone call, or maybe even a knock on the door. Life happens as you play the game. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to have to quit suddenly.


If I start a game and the first kill was some desync nonsense I just leave. I’m not playing a 10 minute game where the enemy has super powers and is unkillable.


They need to fix a looot of other issues before this.

I’m ok for a better politic against quitter, but in this case we need to be able to chose the game we will play. They are a lot of game I do’nt like and with the playlist system, I always fall on them. I have no time to spend on game I don’t like


343’s choices are the reason for so many quitters. Until the game is fixed, you can’t blame quitters.


This game is so bugged, missing features, and such a try hard money grab that nobody cares…well I certainly don’t care. They could ban me for a week, I wouldn’t give a crap. It’s not fun playing with desync every game, no collision, no choices in ranked playlist etc.

They stuffed this game up severely. Yeah, ban people for longer, and there’ll be even less people playing.

They need to fix this game, not ban people.

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And another one who just doesn’t think for a second. Banning is the laziest, uninspired, dumb and ineffective way to deal with quitter.

  1. evaluate why people leave.

  2. work on minimizing these reasons to a bare minimum.

  3. encourage people to stay in games even if you failed at 2).

That’s called good game and UX design.

Banning is outdated, useless and completely contra productive.

Maybe 343 gets it in the next 6 years because apparently they didn’t learn crap from H5.


I’d actually like to see them rework the system for social a bit. Instead of banning people out right for x amount of minutes, it should start forcing people who quit often to play with other people who quit frequently. This penalty will not simply go away by waiting it out either, it only goes away if you stick to matches from start to finish. The more games you quit, the more games you need to stick to from start to finish as well.

Banning should be reserved for the absolute worst offenders.

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Hear me out,

Don’t have a challenge system that encourages quitting.
Gosh its like the only reason people quit games is because other systems ENCOURAGE them quit.

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I’ve seen a few people mention desync. What exactly is that? Is that a connection issue like packet loss and what not?

I’m pretty sure the majority of quitting is the result of game crashes, which are far too common. Tonight as an example we were way up in a ranked oddball match. I was top of the board and then the game crashed. If you’re getting steamrolled I can see why people would be eager to quit out but in most cases there is usually no reason and that’s because their game crashed.

Ghost bullets, unregistered melee, shot through objects, etc. Its running rampant since day one

Try not being so gullible will you, yes there are legit reasons to quit but look at the team score, look at their own score and you will find the link I’ve only ever had 1 or 2 people quit when they or the team are doing well so those are probably legit.

I always message quitters and ask them why ?
Those that reply say cause the team was rubbish or they sa y so what

Lol you never get outgunned and your ego kicks in and says that was D Sync……I’m outer here !!!

I think it’s a bit more than just the game being free to play even though I am vehemently against Infinite being free to play, there are other issues driving this problem.

What 343 needs to do is encourage players to stay in matches. This would involve implementing an actual progression system that’s separate from the battle pass with it’s own unlocks and rewards and a complete overhaul of the challenge system to be more in line with what Reach and the MCC had. Having challenges specific to game modes is a problem.

Absolutely. We also already know that banning doesn’t even work, look at MCC where after they made the bans even more harsh the quitting problem stayed about the same. It only enhanced the griefer problem, since that is more ‘profitible’ now (since their victims will get a harsh ban if they either quit or get kicked because of their actions).
The only effective strategy is to do something about the reasons people quit.

Although that is a better solution then banning, i also don’t think it would work. Those ‘quitmatches’ would be probably easier, so people who want to complete their challenges or want to just stomp (for their ego or to make social media clips) would get an incentive to quit some matches to get into those ‘quitmatches’. I think this would therefore even give an incentive to quit. And not letting people get to do challenges in their is also extremely harsh for people who experience bugs or play LSS (‘quitiing’ after you get eliminated is okay, but it still registers as a DNF in the system, so that too will get you into those ‘quitmatches’)

i don’t think that, but i do think a significant part also quit because of desync and hit reg problems (wich is not a crash ofcourse) and i think that amount is way higher then crashes.

Because you can’t have a crash when your team is down? It’s hard to know if it actually is a crash or not, but people who quit in the last minute of a match would probably be crashes, since if you don’t want to be in a match where your team is weaker, why wait untill the match is almost over?

I am curious how many of them actually react to you? But the ones that do react to you are at least honest then. But that is also just a problem with the game: unbalanced matches and way to big skill gaps within matches. It’s almost always either the worst players who quit those matches (because they are completely outskilled) or the best players who quit (because they don’t want to have to carry). Both are because they have no fun in that match.
I’m not saying that that quit is legit or not, i am only saying that is a an important problem for a game when people are not having fun. A game that is not fun will not stay alive for long.

Sorry, but this is just pure strawmanning here. @M1STA_WU1FY nowhere said he never gets outgunned or that it was every time he was ‘outgunned’ and was clearly talking about only the times he got desync issies.

I don’t even think it’s an F2P issue. MCC was not F2P and also had quitting problems. No matter if it’s F2P or not, you can just create new accounts. That is not tied to the game being F2P or not.

True, although it’s not that they don’t do that yet, since challenges only track if you finish matches.

Fully agree with this.

Got it. Don’t think I’ve had a bullet issue. Hard to tell with the awful shield graphics they use (can barely tell when weak shields/no shields) but I’ve definitely had the melees and even a terrible delay. Like I I hit first and then get melee’s. There should be no way it ends up as a trade (double melees I mean)

Interesting that you used 343 to blame the players that is only half-truths.

After reading this, your request is unreasonable.

You left out where 343 actions have caused this as well other than then the f2p MP. So how can you blame just the players when things like the RNG is applied to the playlist because of the challenges to extend that unnecessary padded play time?

You can’t just blame the players and act like 343 is innocent.

That’s not gullibility, those are legitimate reasons people quit. If I had to quit a match because someone was knocking on my door and then I logged back in to find out I’ve been banned for a week, I’d be pissed and probably quit playing altogether.

Sure people quit for losing, but software isn’t good at figuring out why people quit a match, which means it would be up to the community to police it and recommend bans for quitters. And we all know how petty and quick that would devolve into people reporting people for any and everything. Not to mention no one owes anyone a reason for quitting a GAME when they want to. I understand it’s frustrating to lose matches because people quit, but I’ve also been in matches where we won because a person quit and was replaced with a stud that dominated the match and he pulled out the win for us.

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