343 This Is my welcome gift to yOu :)

This is a link to my waypoint page screen shot as of 9:30 AM 12-3-2011

It says that I have 15 weekly challenges completed and 343 daily challenges completed, both of which of course made me think of you. 15 symbolizing November 15th when Halo: CEA dropped and you made your big splash and of course 343 no explanation necessary I hope.
So this is my little nerd gift to you that I hope you enjoy. You don’t have to repay me for this but if you felt it necessary then I wouldn’t mind some special unique armor or maybe a couple million credits or even best yet a waypoint app for my iPhone so I can make custom challenges without having to go to a library and back since I don’t own a working computer.
Thanks so much for what you’ve done and keep it coming
Yours truly,
-Gnashty Rhyno

That was nic and its not even Christmas yet =)