343 this is getting bad

Kinda a rant but this needs to be said

I find myself almost hating playing halo infinite, i jump on for the weekly ultimate and it’s worse than going to my actual job, yes i would rather go to work than get on halo at this point and that’s saying something
The grind itself isn’t issue it’s not fun playing anymore, grinding for a weekly reward that is litteral trash is being taxing at this point

Back during reach and halo 4 i would get off my night shift job and play for sometimes over 8 hours, now i get off in a few hours a few times after 2 matches, this isn’t a good sign cause I’m a die hard halo fan and if I’m like this i can only imagine how the casuals are taking this

With a simple fix like taking old halo maps and run them through what you have currently prototype forge would keep people some level of happy, right now the current state of halo is causing irreversible damage, even the events have me like blah, maybe if you linked a special game type to each event that would help a lot, kinda how fiesta only was available during the (i call it the samuri event lol) this will keep the game fresh and get players actually hyped and also keep players playing even after they finish their rewards, even smarter if a special map was created (trust me we don’t care at this point if it’s a fast forge creation at this point) just for the event

But right now nothing is happening and when it does it’s lack lustered, i legit don’t want to see this game fail but the current state, the lack of details, the boring battle pass system, the lack of maps, the no road map besides when season 2 starts (which by that time most players that could of been repeat players will leave and not return), the lack of real customization (which when i seen that red arm spartan, i was thinking you can do complete customization, like drag paint like they do in racing games back on the orginal xbox, which that was 4 generations ago which sould of been doable, but of course it was a stupid coating (hoping this will be a feature in a future halo game but doubt it will happen, at least let us drag and drop the emblems cause most times it’s hidden by the chest attachment, hell even increase the size will be sick, people can make it look like a tatoo sleeve or place it over their visor but doubt it will happen))

But how i would fix the issues if i was in charge

  1. Hire people as needed, cause right now it seems and feels like only 2 to 5 people are working on the game and it’s their part time job not career, I’m pretty sure microsoft would approve this rather than their flag ship title sinking
  2. Maps, i said it before I’ll say it again, i make some temp maps (that can be upgraded later when the water is out of the sinking ship and the holes are plugged) using whatever version of forge you can use on infinite (removing launch site it’s an awful map) and tell the community we have 2 to 3 maps coming to halo infinite just to spice things up

So many people are right there with you and I won’t be surprised if there is never another halo after this……3 failed games in a row and even halo4 and halo 5 had a better launch


Ran out of space lol
3. I would rework the weekly rewards. Cause trash rewards aren’t and shouldn’t be there, armor pieces that are gone if you don’t do the weekly that would be good, bad back drops and armor coatings that only free to play players or troll players might wear is not cutting it, weekly rewards need to be at least 75% of the time an item players say i need this

  1. More events so simple to do, do an infection event, do a griffball event, do an elimation event (an achievement no one can get cause it’s not even in the game wtf) to keep things fresh i wouldn’t add stuff like griffball to the playlist, players will call for it but if it’s added to the playlist it loses it’s WOW and fun facture case in point FIESTA, still one of the better playlists sure but now it’s just that something to jump on to complete weekly challenges at least for me

  2. Communicate with the community ASAP, build a road map of things to come, starting simple like that rumored swat event, do things that can be managed with low risks until the game is back on it’s feet
    (Personally i would do a bi-weekly event
    First week the monthly event (like the what i call samurai event, second week standard, third week special event like the Xmas or neon event (don’t care to remember names) just one week though when it’s gone it’s gone especially the rewards 4th (and 5th) week standard, this way it keeps the game fresh enough without breaking the bank

  3. Create a battle royal (i personally hate the idea but it does get the numbers) then throw money at streamers to make their channel focus halo battle royal, it will drive in new players or players who jumped ship

But I’m not in charge, not sure who is anymore, just wishing they see this and actually take the advice before the game has a shell community made up on halo fans and no new players that are new to halo altogether or no returning halo causals

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It’s saveable it just communicate
But if they actually do my step by step plan or something like it, i think it could save the game, especially event special playlists


Another issue is most the community stays quiet, if enough people push for change then change will happen, i know YouTubers are feeling and speaking out on the state of halo i just went into more detail than they do lol

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Honestly they need to have a test program established (I believe battlefield did something similar with BF4)

Invite community members and allow players to register and basically have a continuous closed beta with feedback and criticism

The halo community and fan base is easily one of the largest and a lot of us are extremely passionate about the story and the gameplay so allowing 343 the chance to establish that relation with the player base would be critical to their success and paramount to the development of halo. Additionally most of us would assist 343 for free!!! What a thought?

But as it stands the #1 issue is customization, followed by forge, custom games browser, additional maps, and playlists.

I like the idea of attainable season challenges with the battle pass as well as seasonal events with unlockable content it just needs some minor tweaking.

And most importantly, I respect that 343 is establishing a privacy boundary with an anti cheat but in all fairness and reality, they need a much more aggressive anti cheat since hackers are still running amuck and even utilizing AI learning to even target players all the way down to the pixel level

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The beta idea could work for new game types like a battle royal so it can be worked out before it gets launched, but overall a beta kinda can’t help the state of halo, most issues are the shops greed which leads to the lack of customization options, as i already said if racing games from the orginal xbox had a drag and drop system it should be easy to add that into infinite, coatings are the biggest issue to he honest that and not being able to switch pieces between cores., which i believe might be coming rumor though

But a seasonal reward would be sick, it would be better than the crappy weekly rewards

But maps i think are currently the biggest issue, there are barely any compared to other halo games at launch so they are beyond played out at this point, they should of had 12 at launch, 2 to 4 btb maps and 8 to 10 4v4 maps, if I’m not mistaken there is only 6, currently they just blend together, and launch site i barely count as a map cause it’s only useful on capture the flag 1 flag, it’s to unbalanced for other 4v4 which is broken especially in fiesta, 3 vehicle spawns vs 1 which the 1 standard is a mongoose, whoever thought this was a good slayer 4v4 map needs to get their head checked lol


They did this. 343i has invited pro players and community members (Youtubers) to play the game early and give feedback. The problem is that apparently 343i just does not listen to the feedback they give.

What was the feed back that they gave that 343i isn’t listening too?

Mods have been deleting so not sure if this will get flagged. Just search for 343 vs the world video.


ug, I’ll try…
If you find it though link me too it…

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I saw the vid. It is sad. I didnt know the problems were this huge for pretty much all 343s games. One particular moment is highlighting a time they invited youtubers to play test and they asked them about a map, everyone who tested liked it. 343 asked what should be changed, they said nothing. Well, 343 insisted that they change something. The fact that all of 343s games have had such terrible desync. The hour or so long video was like a roller coaster of emotions for me, sometimes i am just downright sad to hear what was going on. Other times i am laughing in disappointment. For example there was a bug in MCC where you could shoot the ground and the bullets would teleport to players killing them. The mp had a peer to peer connection with no host migration so if a player is a host of the lobby, they can kick anyone they want, or end the entire match. Seeing that vid pretty much changed my mind on everything, everyone here who complains is 100% justified.


I just spent almost an hour searching for a ranked game and when I finally got one, a teammate quit, we lost, I went +2 but decreased a lot of rank.

Now I’m searching again but cannot seem to find any.

What a great game.


another die hard halo player here

it doesn’t help that yoroi armor core looks like some over weight guy cos-playing a Samari, and the body slider has 0 effect on it

i would love to see adrift (h4) whether pre-rendered or forged, same goes for guardian (h3 ver), H5 plaza, CE’s hang’em high, and several more. the maps in inf are just bland e-sports maps, we get it its designed to be competitive, but give us good maps not “e-sport safe maps” they are just too boring.

this would be sick AF


The infinite maps feel like they were not even designed for Halo. No real verticality to them and no real creativity with the environment theming.

R6S and pubg does this too with community test servers

yep they are literally “safe spaces” for mlg, even halo 5 had better maps

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just watched that this morning its a hella good vid and highlights exactly why 343 shouldn’t even be in charge of a hot dog stand on a new york street corner let alone halo, why would they think hiring ppl in for only18 months at a time was a good idea?

I wouldn’t say three failed games in a row. Halo 4 was a decent game overall. Just wasn’t great. But Microsoft should defiantly continue Halo. They just need a new studio.


I pretty much just stick to ranked now that im done with the battlepass. Raw gameplay is still fun and addicting but my biggest issue is desync, melee and player drops / pc crashes. Id rather those get fixed before cosmetics and content because it doesnt matter how cool i look or what new sweet map im on, if the enemy player is still eating an entire BR clip without going down or my PC buddy i play with crashes causing an automatic loss on obj based games, it can really ruin the flow of a game. At least make it to where if a player drops, you dont get punished for losing (it was said the rank reset was supposed to fix this, but im still losing a ton of rank for having a short team)
At this point im kinda just doing more 4v4 ranked customs against spartan level bots but even then it keeps messing up the teams making it lopsided (me alone, facing off against seven spartan level bots was interesting), loading up recruit level bots despite selecting spartan, or not loading up bots at all which is really weird.

The game itself is a blast when it works… the problem is it just doesnt seem to be working a lot of the time.

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