343 The Pc Community Would Like A Response!!!

Hey Forum,

Before i get started i’d like to say that i’m aware a “Make Halo for pc” thread are coming out on a fairly constent basis so first off i’d like to apologize if this annoys you.

I have been playing Halo ever since i was a 9 year old kid and can remember my excitement after recieving Halo: CE for my pc on my birthday and reading the manual every night before going to sleep. (Even as a kid i was quite the nerd :D)

I do not understand why Microsoft has chosen to not communicate with the PC community just to explain to us the lack of Halo titles on the computer since Halo 2 Vista, so as a member of the pc community i’m asking this.


I’d appreciate if the pc and console players on this forum would attempt to keep this topic alive so a member of staff can pass on the messege, people still play on Halo:CE for the pc today with many servers up and running and a well sized community still playing on the servers on a daily basis, since this is a new Halo trilogy started by a new company dedicated to Halo i cannot see why we can’t kickstart up the titles arriving back onto pc again.

Please 343 can the PC community get a response.

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This is what Frank O’Connor said back in Halo Fest 2011 in regards to the PC community:
Halo Fest: Halo 4 Panel
Hope this answers your question.

PS. Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I would love for Halo to come to PC. I recently purchased all of my parts for a custom build (since I can’t justify buying new consoles that are going to be way behind technologically). Halo 4 will be the last Halo I purchase unless they make them for pc - which is very unlikely. I’m sure they want to push their new console, and making Halo exclusive to the 720 would further that.

IDK if this has to do with anything but hal 1-2 were on the origanl Xbox and the PC Halo 4 is on xbox 360 live not xbox live??? sense halo 2 there has not been any halo on the pc maybe because the 360 live wont support on the pc. mo

Thanks Javier! Well at least Franky was honest and not spewing PR crap, i respect gaming companys that are honest and don’t hold your hopes high if theres nothing to come from it.

One request: Halo MMORPG.

You know you want it, too. Even if it would be next to impossible to pull off.

(Please prove me wrong, 343i!!)

While I did start the series on PC, Halo 2 sold terribly on Vista, and did not warrant Halo 3 ever coming out.

That was Microsoft’s fault for making it exclusive to a operating system people did not like.

I doubt it’ll happen, Halo is a console game and only two Halos have made it to the PC. Although, if it did, we would se some…interesting mods.

Halo 4 has been confirmed console only.

Halo 5 will probably release on the next Xbox Console, if that’s the case Microsoft will make it exclusive to that console to sell it better.

Halo 6 is impossible to say at this point.

I think seeing another Halo on PC would be awesome…

Considering the evolution of the market since Halo 2 PC, the numbers to output this kind of thing are simply, in my opinion, not feasible. Many of the reasons which correlate into this is the simple truths of profit predictability and technology available to basic computer users. While I’ve had my fun times on Halo PC, its simply not worth it in my opinion… if a company wants to go for it, I’m all for it, but there’s just not enough incentive to go for it unless the exact circumstances align right.

UPDATE: They are pulling another Vista with Spartan Assault. I must be frank in my opinion…thanks for nothing 343?

If you want to discuss SA, there’s a whole section to do so. No need to necrobump a thread to do it.