343, thanks for Reviving the Spirit of Halo!

Nearly through my first playthrough of the campaign, and gradually getting better at multi as the months go on.

I just wanna say… I am really happy with this game. I didn’t hate H5: Guardians, but playing this after 5 and, also 4, really feels like a return more to that classic feel of the series, while simultaneously reinventing it.

Grappling all around mountains, rescuing UNSC soldiers, improving Chief’s abilities and capturing bases - these are all great additions to an open-world Halo game. And the aethstetics, music, story and controls are all pretty decent.

Sure, the game might not be quite as big as it could have been, and Chief’s abilities outside of the grappling hook could have been more interesting. (A flying drone partner, perhaps? A Bubble Shield? Bah, who knows…) And, while I haven’t seen much in the way of large-scale battles with Scarabs and Guardians and other wild things of that nature, the skirmishes around Zeta have been pleasing. Probably moreso on Heroic and Legendary.

The multiplayer took me a while to get into, and I hated it during the beta. But forcing myself to give it another try and teaming up with a group has made me much more competant at it. I think as more maps, weapons and multiplayer modes are added, it will really shine.

The same goes for future game modes and features. I would love to find out more about the new enemy and maybe get some other campaigns on Zeta and in other locations as well. I would also like to see Firefight and other such game modes get the Infinite treatment. After co-op and forge and the like, of course.

Infinite is a great last hurrah for 2021, and really does feel like the beginning of something great. It has succeeded in laying the foundation for new stories and new adventures in the Halo universe. And, it might just be my favorite outing yet? Only time will tell…

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Campaign was awesome. Just needed a warthog run and some sort of scarab type set piece.

But overall a sweet reboot of the game.

And MP. Loving it. I need to get way better at equipment and power weapons.

Still gutted that we don’t have an API, Forge, or scripting. But glass is still well and truly 3/4 full.


It’s refreshing to see something positive being posted here. I really enjoyed the gameplay loop of the campaign too.

Biggest gripe however is there could have been a bit more variety in the activities you do on the Ring. Beat a boss for a weapon variant, help a group of marines and just find hidden collectables. Open world games need more variety than that.

That’s the biggest issue with Ghost of Tsushima too but this has even less variety and only one biome.

Gameplay though spot on.


I thought the introduction of bosses was cool and the mystery of the spartan killer arc was cool, but I felt the rest of the story was a lot of buildup to no reveal.

I really wanted to have the endless reveal. There wasn’t enough other story going on for it not to have happened here. Apparently they’re gonna DLC it, but that’s disappointing and it was especially disappointing when they gave me the Halo 2 cliffhanger line…

This is true. Finding towers, cores, lockers, pads and rings is nice and all, but it is same-ish. No chase-the-Jackyl messenger mission, no rescue the npc and he’ll reward you mission, no activating a huge artillary or getting enemies to drop some rare thing ala a WoW quest…

Not really quite Crackdown levels of exploration, though the grappling does remind me of climbing to high spots in CD a bit.

I think there is room for them to improve with future open-world Halo campaigns.

When playing the main missions of the game they are quite samey too. Samey to the point where many of the rooms are directly copy/pasted from a previous missions. That was quite jarring for me. At least put on a layer of paint so it’s not so obvious.