343 Thanks For Doing Something Right

Thank you 343, you changed the sandbox for the better, you created some actual depth, and a legitimate reason to choose between the precision rifles.

Before there was no reason to choose, mainly because there was a simple choice. Although some chose the BR for nostalgia and a few had their love for the light rifle there was no doubt that the DMR was the ultimate weapon.

The choice was simple because the DMR not only excelled at close range, mid range, and long range; It actually excelled better than all of the rifles at any given range. The DMR could beat the BR hands down in a mid range battle with its ROF, equal 5sk kill, and extreme magnetism. The DMR vs light rifle or carbine was not even close.

Now 343 created more defined roles for each rifle based on damage and traits.

The battle rifle is the king of 4v4 gametypes perfect for close range and mid range battles having a fast enough kill time to kill nearly every weapon (even the uncharged rail) gun with a a perfect 4 shot. The BR suffers greatly from afar and is very difficult to finish any enemy even across shutout.

The carbine also excels from close to mid range but has the added niche of a support role by surgically draining the opposing teams shields which can be severely dominating with the combination of UNSC weapons.

The Light Rifle is now a great rifle for vast distances and can kill any enemy who mistakenly gets themselves caught in the open. It’s scoped shots still have the buffed strength, but it’s precision is altered to make BTB its niche. When shooting unscoped the rifle’s effectiveness is greatly reduced.

Lastly the DMR is now the ultimate utility weapon. The DMR can still be used at any distance and can be used in any game mode, but can NOW be overpowered by each rifle depending on where it’s being used. I believe the DMR is still a very powerful weapon, but now its the only weapon. I personally think it can serve as a weapon that a new player can be associated with or a default rifle to be placed throughout any map.

I rarely post anything positive on this website, but thanks to your update I just couldn’t pass it up. Thanks again 343… now it’s time to fix sprint… JIP… CTF…INVIS… descoping…jetpack…matchmaking…custom games…static weapons.

J/K take a breather I’m not that impatient.