343 teases about a larger BTB experience!

Recently Josh Holmes, executive from 343 Industries, released a long post that was defending sprinting in Halo.

He spoke about keeping the core gameplay consistent throughout the game and how this consistency will effect the larger game that they are developing. He said, “Another important consideration for us is to keep the core play experience as consistent as possible between Campaign, Arena, and the larger MP experiences that we are building.”

He also revealed that next week they plan to release some “behind-the-scenes footage” that focuses on the game’s development, so keep your eyes open for that.

Thanks for the information. Perhaps 343i has increased the player count for BTB?

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> Thanks for the information. Perhaps 343i has increased the player count for BTB?

That would be crazy! The fact that GTA V was able to increase they’re player lobby max to 30 players from the usually 16 on Next-Gen, proves it is absolutely possible. Next-Gen just came out so they haven’t even scratched the surface on how to use its full potential and they are already doing big things.

I would enjoy huge maps and a 12 vs 12 game. These games could implement different game mechanics to enhance the games. If they could hone in on the arena experience, and also provide an alternate BTB it would be amazing.

BTB is one of my all time favorite things to play in Halo and while I don’t hate Halo 4 as much as some people do, I was let down by its BTB. Everyone spawning with Plasma Pistols and Plasma Grenades pretty much made vehicles a deathtrap, not worth getting into. The map designs weren’t very vehicle friendly either since there were a million obstacles in the way for players to hide in. The average BTB map was just too small to allow any meaningful vehicle on vehicle combat.

I’m hoping that this is what 343i is addressing in Halo 5 and we get some nice open areas like Sandtrap. Now that was a good BTB Heavies map.

BTB = Amazing drunken times.

Hopefully we will have 32 player invasion :slight_smile:

Btb is my all time fav:D i hope they make team sizes larger. Maybe 12v12 or 16v16. Hell they could do 32 vs 32 like bf4 which does it at 60fps and 900p on both consoles. I’d be happy with any bump in player count.

I think he’s referring to regular BTB, and not hinting to a bigger playlist at all. Keep in mind that the Beta will focus on smaller 4v4 gameplay, and will likely not feature BTB. In this case, a larger MP experience could merely mean BTB and any other gametypes/maps that won’t be in the beta.

Nive 343 will be further destroying Halo. This news is becoming rather usual from them

I really like the idea of bigger, better btb. But please give us more small maps then we got in halo 4

Some news on what is planned for Big Team would be great. There are quite a few of us Big Team players worried about the future of Halo Big Team at the moment. I guess this can put our mind to rest a bit.

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> Hopefully we will have 32 player invasion :slight_smile:

I’m hard