343 Take Action Re: Good Con Regional Filter

For many international players (i.e. not from U.S and in particular Australians), Halo 4 has become a game that has disappointed many over the last few weeks - and still is - with regard to regional connectivity. Long story short - players outside the U.S. are still having big trouble finding local players to play a “Good Connection” game.
There is a thread over at https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst129636_NO--REGIONAL-FILTER----OR--GOOD-CONNECTION.aspx that you have been ignoring for the last 2-3 weeks. Your only update in response to this issue is that it has been “Fixed”. I can tell you it has not, and so can 1200+ others. Your war games search coding is not working. If you do not believe it for yourself, send a 343 employee over to Australia and search Halo 4 War Games for a day. Then tell us its not happening.
For a company in charge of the biggest franchise on 360 and supported by Microsoft, the very least you could do is provide updates on the situation.
At the moment Halo 4 is spoiled for a large population of international players and potentially deterring many from investing in Halo 5. All we need to know is if you plan on providing a course of action for Halo 4 (Good Connection filter) - tell your community you are listening.
Consumers do not like being ignored!

I hope you read these threads.

P.S. I’m from Australia.

Thank you for posting this. Your point is clear and concise, much better than I could have written.

Myself and a friend have both tweeted at various 343 staff about this very issue and they have responded saying that they are hoping to have a fix out by the end of the month. That’s all well and good but perhaps a more public announcement (in the Halo Bulletin for example) would be better rather than just responding to individuals queries.

It’s getting more and more frustrating everyday and even getting a full room with Aussies last night we had some game-destroying LAG, at times it seems like the game picks the worst possible host and then sticks with it for the entire game (or more).

One laggy player should not kill the game for everyone but that’s exactly what’s happening.

I think we need to make some noise about this so the gaming press starts to take notice.
I suggest we pick a hashtag and try to get it trending on twitter.

My suggestion is #Halo4Everyone as it’s not super negative but it gets the point across that Halo is supposed to be for everyone and not just those in North America.

If everyone could tweet at a member of 343 and use that hashtag and get all their friends to do the same we may just be able to start something.

Let’s get this trending!


Good post

I agree, America does suck

I have created a list on twitter that you can follow with the 343ers we need to tweet to

I suggest we provide constructive (not abusive) feedback, just the facts and the hashtag #Halo4Everyone

Please pass this on to all your friends. Halo isn’t just for North America, it’s for everyone!

Let’s keep it as positive and concise as possible.
The movement has begun!


I have started a thread for #Halo4Everyone here

We need to get as many people involved as possible so let’s not let it get buried, we have more of a chance of 343 taking notice if we all speak with one voice.

We can do this.

Tweet away.