343 Support SLA

It’s great that they collect all our feedback in a ticketing system which tracks all of our issues.

However, I’ve filed a multitude of tickets for infinite and now have to reply every 30 days to them in order to keep the ticket open or they’ll mark it as resolved.

Like are we the customers their actual Quality Assurance team?
Has anyone actually had one of their tickets be resolved?

This isn’t some one sentence ticket with barely any information, these are detailed complaints with steps for reproducing.
Legitimate issue with accessibility options not actually working like the speed lines toggle having to reset every time when launching the game… or the BR audio is a canned recording and not 1:1 per bullet fired. (You cancel a burst with a melee/weapon swap and the full 3-shot burst plays. Check the ammo count to see actual number of shots fired doesn’t line up with audio. Was proper 1:1 shot:audio cue in bungie halo’s for the BR)

I mean these are a few examples of the small little issues (of which there are many…) that 343 is crowdsourcing to detect and run QA on…

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Since when are feedback tickets marked resolved? I never see the status on my tickets.

In the status area … usually after one of these messages:

“If we do not hear from you within 30 days, we’ll close this ticket. If you encounter the issue after this ticket has already been closed, please submit a new ticket. Thanks!”

I just figured that out. Guess I’m going to have to check back every now and then.


You get an email from the system as well when they are closed and ask how they’ve done as well, at least they used to do that a few months ago.

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