So, this is a recap of comments I’ve made on here before, but I thought I’d make a new thread that might catch 343’s attention since they do watch these boards.

343 - thank you so much for adding bot support, very well done in listening to the needs of the community, kudos. I am over the moon thrilled about it!!

I’ll be grateful just to have them at all, even if I can only play with them in custom games… but now that you’ve already done the hardest work in coding them so that they work at all, I want to throw out the suggestion that you go to the next step: A bot playlist in matchmaking.

Now, before red flags go up with my fellow fans, NO, not suggesting at all that they add bots to regular PVP playlists. I know people don’t want that. I’m suggesting a dedicated playlist. You could call it “Bot Slayer” or “AI Slayer” or “Slayer Training”. Four real players go up against four Legendary bots, with map selection done in the same manner as Infinite does for all other playlists (I say that because we still don’t know yet how that will be done, whether map selection will be completely random or have voting/vetoing). At the end of the match, a small amount of XP is even awarded.

Now, once again, before red flags go up, NO, not suggesting the XP payout should be the same as in real multiplayer. Bots are a lot easier to kill than real players, of course the XP payout shouldn’t be the same. It should be half of a real PVP match or even less than that. (Call of Duty Mobile has a bot playlist where you earn 10% XP.) But something at all would be better than nothing.

Now, if you can already play with bots in customs, what’s the purpose of this? The purpose is so that players like myself come even one step closer to feeling like I’m a “normal” player, with the full matchmaking experience, but without the stress of actual competition. I am a very non-competitive person and am prone to anxiety attacks. When I play real PVP matches, even if I do well, I just find it extremely stressful. My heart pounds at 150 bpm the whole time, my hands are shaking, and I’m drenched with sweat when I’m done. I just don’t like that. One person’s adrenaline rush is another person’s panic attack. (No, I don’t really care that I’m exposing myself to ridicule from people who don’t understand how someone can get so nervous playing a game. If you don’t have that same experience, huzzah for you. Others do.) So, in general I don’t play much PVP at all anymore, and stick to solo or co-op content. But that means that with modern games, you’re missing out on half the game if you don’t play PVP. And I know for 100% certain there are others out there like me, because I’ve talked to them.

But this solution would mean you could rank up, customize your Spartan, see other people’s Spartans, celebrate together with your teammates by teabagging the bots together, etc. LOL! And I’d lose my mind if you could even make this work with BTB as well, and you could team up to take down the AI in a Warthog or whatnot. (Like a spiritual successor to Warzone Firefight.) So just food for thought, 343.

Thanks for reading!

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Bots will likely be in normal playslists for quitters

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> Bots will likely be in normal playslists for quitters

I could have sworn I read “Customs only” unless that was just for adding them pre-game / customizing them, and that bots will auto-replace quitting team mates in Matchmaking regardless.
I don’t have the article I read it on-hand so I’ve only got a loose memory of it - but really thought I heard “customs only”

If someone could correct me there?

when the bots arrive in infinite, I want them to have an extreme difficulty to play against them.