343 Stole my money, and probably yours

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Everyone loves new DLC maps for Halo. New maps are a key element in keeping people such as myself playing the same Halo title for the years that it takes until the next one is released. Seriously, since the introduction of Halo matchmaking back in the day, downloading new maps has been better than Christmas. Designers have always taken the time to create gorgeous and fun to play maps that are worth paying for and give the games unending longevity. The DLC maps in Halo 4 are all awesome, well thought out maps. They are all gorgeous looking and fun to play. I love them. That being said, I NEVER GET TO PLAY THEM! They are never an option to choose from in the lobby. I don’t care what the reason is for this, whether it be a deeply technical issue, a terrible oversight, or just laziness (which I highly doubt). I paid you for them, now give them to me. Make a DLC only game type, or find some other way to mix in all of the new maps that people are paying for. You owe it to the people who are throwing their money at you. We love your game. We love your new maps. We gave you our money to play them. NOW LET US PLAY THEM! From my perspective, what 343 is doing here is criminal. Either find a way to make it possible for the people who pay to play the new maps to actually play them, or stop taking peoples money.

There was a dlc playlist for a whole week so stop complaining.

> There was a dlc playlist for a whole week so stop complaining.

Yeah and they’re still fully capable of being played in Customs - be it Local, via LAN, or some community get together.

Stole? Yeah, um… No. They offered us the maps, we bought them.
In your perspective this is criminal? Okay then, well that’s a bit extreme in ‘my’ perspective. Unfortunate maybe, but not criminal. 343’s done nothing wrong and no amount of complaining is going to change that fact. The maps are there fully playable and aren’t restricted - how often you play them in Matchmaking is dependent on how many OTHERS have the maps too and 343 has no control over that.