343 sitting on Forge maps? Other general fixes?

343 has Forge maps ready to implement into H5, RIGHT NOW… we know this, by way of “classic” and Ghost in the Shell playlists… Doubles maps, probably among even more that I’m forgetting.

So why aren’t any of these maps being incorporated? The Arena module BADLY needs a refresh! Mercy Slayer… err I mean “Team Slayer” is getting old playing the same 3-5 maps every play session, with Mercy appearing FREQUENTLY… And you’ll go an entire WEEK, or more, of playing a playlist and never see certain maps in particular. And the maps you DO get to play are usually widely regarded as some of the worst in the game! At least we’re FINALLY getting Snipers… The negligence of these issues is really getting to me and the players I personally know and play with, and don’t even bother asking all the Halo fans that have fizzled out over time since launch…

A veto feature also really would’ve been ideal, to add to some earlier points… it’s too late for that now I’m sure, but still… it keeps things random and you’re still able to turn down a map/gametype that you aren’t feeling at the time or are tired of.

And side-note, but why there has been such push-back and resistance on some of this feedback is mind-boggling to me. It’s almost like that REQ video where 343 pokes fun at the idea of people having concerns with their new system and essential says “shut up, grown-ups are talking.” Like really? I’m a “grown-up” too and you know what? That’s no way to treat the consumer…

If the end product was so great and retained a high population and was properly supported, maybe I wouldn’t question 343’s practices so much, but we know the reality… where feedback goes largely ignored, fixes are slow to implement and by that time, lots of people have lost interest. The game is getting stale… It’s just the byproduct of changing more of what was never broken in the first place. The content model… nobody is asking for specialized content per playlist. That’s what a traditionally designed Halo map pool is for… it was a content model designed with variety and efficiency in mind. Configurability.

Now that things have been changed though, and now that it’s too late for H5, and we have this extra Forge content that was approved for MM… why not reintroduce it permanently to at least minimize the damage and improve the experience for the players that are left? Withholding content in lengthy streaks with the lacking and increasing stale experience in-between is not helping matters. Especially when map-ratios haven’t even been adjusted for nearly a year… I mean come on 343!

Some of these fixes are relatively easy… SO easy, compared to fixing the harder issues at this point… why aren’t they being implemented? I mean Snipers was a simple playlist addition heavily requested since launch, and we’re just NOW finally getting it?

What was the hold-up?

Because to help with the sameness factor, new content was introduced on a timely basis to where when things JUST got boring that something “new” would come out to freshen things up. Jist like we now have Oddball over a year and a half into the games cycle when it was a Halo staple gametype. I give a couple months and we’ll see Ricochet finally hit Matchmaking as well. It’s all about trying to retain players until the next big thing comes around.