343 should make the equivalent of Recon in Halo 3

I was rewatching an old Halo classic many of you know and love called Arby n’ the Chief and I got to the episodes where Arby writes an email to Bungie asking for Recon armor and the one where Chief is running around and annoying his teammates by showing off his new super rare armor

And it got me thinking…

343 said that they were looking back at the older games to look at what truly makes Halo, well, Halo. I believe Recon armor in Halo 3 was a big part of the Halo 3 experience, even if most people never got it or even saw it in action. Recon was widely known back then as this legendary armor set that only Bungie themselves and a select few had the privilege of wearing, with nothing in the entire game being more rare except Bungie’s own flaming helmet. Prior to the introduction of Vidmaster achievements, there was no set way to earn this armor. The only thing you could do was do something that impressed Bungie, such as somehow randomly splattering yourself with a street cone, and they would reward you with it if they felt you deserved it. Before the Vidmasters came along, coming across someone with this fabled armor set was a special experience and many people had reactions like “holy crap this guy has Recon armor!” Even as rare as it was, with many still not even having it after the Vidmasters were introduced, it was a core part of the Halo 3 multiplayer experience, always wondering if you’ll ever get lucky enough to someday lay your eyes upon the rarest armor set in the game. With as much Halo 3 as I played back in the day, even I myself can’t remember if I ever saw it prior to the Vidmaster achievements except maybe in a screenshot in someone’s File Share

Sadly, we’ve had nothing like it since. Even in Reach with the blue flaming helmet which was originally reserved for Bungie employees, it eventually became available to everyone over time. Even the original flaming helmet could be obtained through purchasing the Legendary Edition of the game or buying the code from someone online. It was rare, but not “legendary,” despite the edition of the game that the armor effect came with. To my knowledge, there was nothing like it in Halo 4, and the closest thing we have to it in Halo 5 is the Achilles armor, which, while rare, isn’t anywhere near on the same level because all it took was being a member of a massive Spartan Company and eventually you’d get the armor just from playing the game long enough

I would like to see 343 introduce an equivalent of Recon armor in Halo Infinite. Maybe it could be the flaming helmet like the one from back in the day, or maybe a brand new armor set never seen before in prior games, or maybe Recon itself will finally reclaim its former status as a legendary armor set. I want there to be some kind of armor set or effect that makes me have the same reaction as the one above, something like “wow that guy has (insert armor or effect here)!” and not knowing if I’ll ever catch a glimpse of it again. I think it’d be a nice callback to the days of classic Halo, and would show a resurgence of people trying all sorts of crazy things to earn the rarest customization item(s) in the game rather than just focusing on their rank the whole time. If this game does have a more classic Halo feel and a more classic art style outside of what we’ve seen already, maybe this legendary armor set or effect could stack with those gameplay elements and help make us feel like we’re back in the good ol’ days again…

What do y’all think? Would you like to see 343 introduce something equivalent to the beloved Recon armor from Halo 3?


I do want something like this, it makes you feel like you’ve earned something, and you gain respect online if you have the armour set.

In a way that’s kind of what Achilles was meant to be. Something to work towards and it’s something people really want.

I personally would love to see the return of Vidmaster Challeneges to get a cool new armour. Something you have to work towards for sure.
I’d also want something from Spartan Companies too, getting Achilles in H5 was very fun.