343 should make Halo Infinite "play-to-earn" using Blockchain/NFT's/Crypto

(Now this idea shouldn’t be taken lightly because this might be the future of gaming for all we know.)

What is a blockchain?

-A big database that stores information.
The only difference is that it allows for a few important factors

  • Date cannot be changed
  • No single person or entity “owns” the blockchain.
    It exist for all to see or use, and is decentralized
  • Provable ownership and history -
    Example: John owns 3 BTC, he always will unless he spends ir or sends it to someone
  • Provable scarcity -
    Example: “There will only ever be 21 million BTC” - "There will only ever be 50 of a certain Spartan Armor skin

Blockchain Game
The items you earn or find in game can than exist outside the game. When you turn off the game
or stop playing altogether, you can use the items in another game, sell the asset on an external
market, or convert it into cryptocurrency!

Items are officially and provably owned by a player. It is recorded in the blockchain for all to see.
Game developers decide to incorporate items into their game.

Example: Fornite blockchain engine checks your blockchain wallet and see’s you have a rare Spartan Armor
skin from Halo Infinite. The game developers can then allow you to have a Fornite skin that resembles that armor and only you (or any other owners) would have it in Fornite.

343 should also have their own real Halo cryptocurrency and we should be able to earn micro shares of said crypto through time spent playing their game and/or how well we perform in game. We would be able to trade, sell and hold these cryptocurrencies like any other for real value.


When I see stuff like this, I feel like I’m in the “you punks get off my lawn!” age group. I just pop a game in the console and play it. Why all this Star Trek nonsense?


I mean we do like to throw around “Back in my day… Halo had XYZ” :joy::joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is actually a very cool idea but subject to more regulation than I’m sure both the game studios and Microsoft are ready to tackle in these coming years. While Halo would definitely break waves if it did do something like that the countless exclusive armors to owners and converted currency, which we can assume is coming with a rate as well isn’t something most gamers want in a video game.

The metaverse being a video game as a concept is good this threads probably going to age well into the next decade but its too early, and this is also without regards to each individual countries regulations/policies around cryptocurrency. I mean can you imagine 343 Studies/Microsoft sending you a 1099 Tax form for currency in game?


For anyone who doesn’t know what an ‘NFT’ is, I’ll explain it in the most simplistic terms I can. I don’t partake in any of this stuff in any form, this is just based off of my own understanding of it pertaining to digital art. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. First off, ‘NFT’s’ are extremely bad for the environment. They drain a ‘crap-ton’ amount of electricity when being produced, like roughly a month’s worth of your home’s electricity bill. If you don’t believe me, you can find various articles by reputable news outlets that delve further into this topic.

Okay, so… imagine an image you ‘right-click and save’ off of the internet for free. Now imagine (hypothetically) that someone else pays thousands of dollars for that exact same image you just downloaded. What they’re doing is buying the rights or the ‘deed’ to the ‘original’, the only real discernible difference being that they have proof that they own the original. Besides that, the free image and the paid image are identical. ‘Hot Take’ Inc., please don’t remove the spoiler tag if you’re easily offended. ‘NFT’s’ are probably the absolute dumbest idea ever conceived in the last hundred years of human history.


Listen Chief, idk about all this blockchain nonsense, but back on 360, there was a Waypoint app that let you unlock armors for other Halo games, by playing other Halo games, at least in Reach I remember for sure. You could also unlock armors for your Xbox Avatar, and Hayabusa stuff with your Gamerscore. That’s what they need to be doing with this piece of trash new Waypoint app. Unlock Halo Infinite stuff by doing achievements in Halo 5 and MCC.


No. Immediately no. Bad.


Being an artist, no. I don’t want anything to do with NFT trash.


legit thought this was some -Yoink!- troll post


Oh boy, anyone else make a Butters reference yet?


This has been a disaster in literally 100% of titles that have tried implementing an NFT/blockchain/crypto marketplace this year.

On top of that Steam refuses to host any title that tries to implement NFT/blockchain/crypto anything meaning Halo Infinite gets kicked to the curb if this was attempted to be implemented. So wishful thinking and South Park sales pitches aside, it’s never going to happen:



Factual statements aside, I’d personally love a community based armor marketplace. It would cut down on FOMO as long as there’s a player selling their customization options. It would also give players more of a reason to purchase items rather than hold off on it.

Steam has a universally adored and accepted community marketplace. If 343 could model it after that, or even better incorporate it into Steam, it would be a very impressive move.

Best part about all of this is that there’s no blockchain hullabaloo.


How about just having more customization options, a method of earning armor by just playing the game while still offering cool or unique things in the store, and removing arbitrary limitations on customization? Or are we just giving up on that reality?


This makes me want to end it


Or, 343 could just focus their efforts into making new content for the game? I don’t see why they have to make stuff for crypto bros that don’t even understand video games, just look at the scam that is Earth 2. I don’t need NFTs or cryptocurrencies in my video games because game companies will find ways to excessively monetize them just like they did with loot boxes. Ubisoft is going ahead with NFT style gear in Tom Clancy’s breakpoint, and it’s just armor with some numbers that you’ll never see because it’s a 3rd person perspective. And what does it add to the gameplay? Absolutely nothing.


This has to be an elaborate joke.


It’s not the production, but rather the storage of blockchain data on servers, and the servers are what consume the energy. (Which also defeats the idea of them being “decentralized” when they are in fact centralized.) But the point remains, it’s the servers consuming the crazy amounts of energy, not the actual production.

But my two cents: anyone trying to combat NFT’s with the “environmental impact” stance doesn’t comprehend the overwhelming truth that we live in a digital age and every action you make in that digital landscape is backed up by warehouses of servers that are guzzling energy output at rates and capacities we don’t even comprehend.

Every single card transaction you make, every game you play, every meme you save/inappropriate picture you take/cat video you film to your phone that gets sent to the cloud, every download, every website you browse, etc etc etc is all done with servers that consume more electricity/energy than you’ll ever rationalize. “You” referencing people in general.

There are plenty of reasons to bash NFT’s, voicing a concern for the environmental impact of NFT’s on a multiplayer game’s Internet forum (the game that requires Internet access to verify DRM) using a phone/PC connected to the Internet could come across as hypocritical or at the very least tone deaf when you really start to examine the world we live in.

Not saying you are, you’re merely listing common issues with NFT’s just trying to inform people what they are. Please don’t take what I said above personally, it wasn’t directed at you, but rather the issue you listed.


Given the reception here I think this idea is just stupid in the highest level

What made op think THIS was a remotely good idea is beyond me can we get a monitor or someone in here abd lock it or delete it please?


the hivemind really is everywhere, is it? get outta here with that man.


No, we get that truth about the digital age but when every PC and console running Fortnite for a year uses 0.000013% of the power of crypto. Crypto is huge -Yoink!- problem. The “oh other things burn energy to so its okay” argument is weak as when you compare how much energy others things burn compared to Crypto. Crypt burns more energy than entire cities.

And unlike saving an image to your phone. Every single Blockchain transaction increases the complexity of the next one which then requires more computing power which then requires more energy…

So, no, Blockchain crypto etc is not just like other digital devices storing things. It’s an all-consuming digital plague that some people are willing to burn the planet for to make a few dollars.

Also 99$ of NFTs are stolen art and used for money laundering.

Crypto and NFTs are scams.

Edit: Hmmm can’t say god or damn after each other how delightfully Christian fundamentalist of 343.


@Trand0 When you said I was merely listing common issues, you were precisely right! I also appreciate your initial explanation on how ‘NFT’s’ go about consuming energy; though I don’t entirely agree with the way in which you framed the premise of your argument in regards to the greater issue.

From what I understand, I don’t think it is fair to say that all of the people who are critical of the environmental impact of ‘NFT’s’ are hypocritical by taking umbrage with the fact that the amount of power consumed by them (in the form of storage as you stated) is largely outrageous (in regards to accepted standards of consumption) for what you’re essentially getting in return. ‘NFT’s’ just don’t seem practical in a world that is trying to be more conscientious. That doesn’t excuse all of our other various online activities that do consume energy, but do we really need simple ‘NFT’ .jpgs taking up a month’s worth of electricity bills in storage? I don’t know, maybe I just don’t see the bigger picture here (no pun intended).

I have pretty thick skin, yet I do appreciate the clarification in your closing paragraph that none of which you wrote was personally aimed my way. Aside from my snide ‘blurred’ comment I made toward the idea/conception of ‘NFT’s’ at the end of my original post, I don’t personally detest anyone for their decisions or choices on the matter.

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Warframe a mostly F2P game has had an active player base market for years. DE tests the skins and then adds them to the game. The designers get paid from the sales. DE takes a small commission.