343 Should Listen to their Fanbase/Customers

Over all I love Halo 4 and think 343i has done an incredibly job on the story line, visuals, sounds, etc… This is an amazing Halo game. There are only a few issues that I, and many others, have that are slowly leeching all the fun from the game because they are so annoying and nonsensical.

First and foremost: Vehicle friendly fire? Really? 343i… You know the majority of people who play your game online are trolls right? I’ve played Halo online since Halo 2 and about 3/5 games, in my experience, you will have teammates try to ruin the game for all the other players on their team. Usually you can just ignore it and keep playing, or boot them!.. problem solved! However, in Halo 4 this isn’t possible. Instead you just end up trying to avoid one or two of your teammates for however long the match lasts so you can keep playing the game and have fun. Now since everyone who plays online games knows that teammates are going to be jerks… why enable them? I love that betrayals are gone (except for splattering, but that kind of makes sense) but why allow teammates to destroy vehicles via friendly fire? I guess I just don’t understand the thinking behind it.

Second: 343i. In my browsing of the forums and my experience in the game, I see little to no response to the community/fan base and their valid complaints. Why is this? Why don’t you listen to your customers? Or at least show that you’re listening? I’d rather you act on what we’re saying, but even an acknowledgment would be better than being completely ignored. So please listen to the people who provide your paycheck. We’re not all mindless and stupid.

Third: Why have a daily experience point cap? You promoted the crap out of the game with Mountain Dew and Doritos Double XP, but then you hinder players… seems completely counter-intuitive right? You’re not helping anyone by doing that. Since high level players are thrown in with low level players all the time, there’s no meaning to rank. So why hinder people who play your game a lot and want to be rewarded if it doesn’t hurt any other player?

So basically, out of supposed concern for other players, you hinder the players who play a lot, yet allow teammates to destroy vehicles, while promoting the game with Double XP and not letting people get all the XP they want in a day. Overall you’re just hindering people and haven’t accomplished any of what you claim you’re trying to do! Don’t get me started on the specializations thing… at least that’s behind most of us now.

So 343i please just listen to the people you’re selling your game to. Take our ideas and thoughts into consideration and I promise Halo 5 will be even better than Halo 4 (which is phenomenal overall).