343 should give some easy to make free items in the shop every now and then. In the same way they used to do!

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the free Pepsi skin coatings in the HCS shop back in November. Not that I particularly like them, but it shows 343 was willing to give away some free stuff every now and then.

Also the metallic green legacy coating for the Mark VII core (Platinum Anniversary) and a bunch of other stuff for players who played the game before a certain date in November or December.

But after those items it was pretty silent. Yes, emblems that are related to social causes or American holidays drop left and right, but stuff that actually matters no longer drops in the game for free: armor coatings, armor, visors, armor or helmet attachments, weapon coatings, et cetera.


  • Different skins/patterns for armor/helmets that requires minimal work. An example is to drop the Artaius helmet in game for free without the teeth on the visor. Many people don’t like the teeth, but like the helmet. It is probably minimal work for 343 to remove the teeth and drop that version of the helmet for free in the game.
  • Something that also can be done is to drop free skins/patters for armor/helmets that were in the shop. Anyone who bought that bundle can get the variation/skin/pattern for free. An example would be for the Locus helmet with the big X on the visor from Halo 4 (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kDD66). If you bought the Locus bundle, you can pic that helmet up for free. Drawing a big X on the helmet probably won’t take a lot of time. Because the helmet itself is already designed!
  • Or free skins that are related to holidays. Like red, white and blue weapons on the 4th of July (the Liberty Clad bundle should’ve been a free bundle). Or rainbow themed weapon in pride month.
  • Some wacky/cool helmet attachment for helmets that are barely worn by anyone. A good example would be the Sunscreen helmet attachment for the Rasetsu helmet. It used to be in the Cylix guide, but it is now redacted.
  • Missing REACH stuff.

CoD does the same thing. You have a lot of overpriced bundles, but every week or so a free bundle will drop with a shotgun blueprint/coating or some other weapon. It shouldn’t be a big deal for 343 to do the same.

Because right now I don’t really like the way cosmetics are handled in Infinite. The battle passes are great, but once they’re completed you only have one FOMO weekly reward, FOMO rewards from FOMO events and a lot of FOMO items in the shop you can only buy with hard $$$$$$$.

SOMETHING needs to change in this system!


Infinite has the worst customization I have ever seen when it comes to any game I’ve played.

Even Bungie/Destiny offers a hell of a lot more options, and a hell of a lot more cosmetics just by simply playing the game and that’s because they didn’t put almost everything worth using behind a paywall that is used a bait.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a shop being in any game, but when a business can’t ever produce a game? How 343 is going about all this is just wrong. I will not support a business that is unwilling to offer what they promised prior to this beta being released. What makes it worse is knowing a good portion of the community just accepts this and keeps throwing money at the shop, as if 343 is “offering anything” when in fact they haven’t offered much at all.

If anything at all at this point, Infinite should be set up like Halo 5 with the rec points. 343 hasn’t earned the right to have a shop in infinite.

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