343 Screws Australia/NZ

Someone explain to me why they didn’t put a good connection search function in it?
the matchmaking is terrible, played a few games when there was 150k+ players, couldn’t get in 1 game with Australians. Fix your -Yoinking!- game 343, this -Yoink- unplayable. We pay double the price for the game and you haven’t even bothered to respond to anyone. And please no “they’re currently busy sorting out other issues in the game” this is something that should of shipped with the game. If you don’t address the issue ASAP you’re going to lose most of the AUS/NZ community.

This seems to be a huge issue for people in Australia and New Zealand.

Im an Aussie and its happeneing to me also. Games of 8 Aussies on 1 team and only finding americans, english etc and playing on their host sucks.

Yeah i’m so annoyed by this. The multiplayer seems pretty good apart from this making it unplayable, can’t wait for Black Ops 2.

Yep same thing here

Something I’ve been doing and trying to get others to do is to tweet to @halowaypoint the issue. this is more public than the forums as investers etc would be looking to see how this game is going.

Making it public will want them to at least look into trying to fix it to increase sales

How are UK players finding it? I agree 343 have left out alot of options. The gameplay is amazing but the whole matchmaking system needs refining and more features added to it.

> How are UK players finding it?

First 5 hours after release were amazing, felt like EU host every game. Now it’s not so awesome but still plays very well with only occasional rubberbanding.