343 Saves Halo Story. Reclaimer Trilogy -Full Circle

Add in the spirit of fire following the gaurdian to zeta halo with the Professor explaining where the gaurdian is headed from halo wars 2. Have them slip space to the zeta halo ring. Spirit of fire meets up with chief and existing marines on ring. Spirit of fire becomes new base of operations like the infinity. Ring is rebuilding so now we have more areas to explore and less holes to fall into. Have red team become 2nd player and 3rd and 4th player in coop. Side missions chief has signal relays coming in to find spartans and Lasky on the ring. Spartans 4s then can be found at command posts used like marines in battle to help fight on the ring. Main missions endless are released new enemy threat has agenda to wipe out all life in galaxy. Cheif has to stop the banished from attacking in full force and using the gaurdian against the ring or activating the ring. Endless are attacking banished and humans chief is trying to keep them on the ring before they leave. Spirit of fire calls for reinforcements. Chief requests blue team help him stop the banished from opening up a nexas and using the gaurdians across the galaxy against existing planets and activating halo installations . Banished attack planets with gaurdians in their control. Blue team follows Atriox and banished forces. Banished forces use gaurdians to attack arbiter home world. Blue team rallys against gaurdians and arbiter goes for the head of atriox. Chiefs stays at ring with endless. Chief trys to imprision the endless again on zeta halo gets sent back in time trying to hold them in the imprisoned harbinger room. Chief fails to hold them. Endless escape the imprisonment. Chief meets with the forunner council and realises the didact was manifesting the endless all along from passage of time. Chief then becomes bornstellar and stops the war from happening in the future while back in time fighting the didact and the flood. Stopping halo rings from being activated in the past. Chief fights the didact in the past unwind the current events of endless activating the rings in the present.


Or maybe they could just finish one storyline


Yeah, I vote a solid NO on time travel. It is always garbage and 343 doesn’t need any more excuses for lazy writing.


Missleading title and an unreadable wall of text… nice^^


Timetravel no.

Soft-reboot of the Reclaimer saga for a do-over of Halo 4 and Halo 5; yes.

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And I thought 343 had terrible plots.

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I propose the following: Chief wakes up from cryosleep. Cortana says “Bad dream?”. He says “Yes.” then proceeds to summarize the events of halo 4-Infinite.


I mean there’s a lot of Time stuff in Infinite so I wouldn’t discount it.

I think a lot of people miss that Zeta Halo and the mystery of that ring is a key part of the story. I don’t think we will just casually move on from something different.

Now that gimmic might well be a Time Machine. But then I think we would be time travelling on Zeta Halo and limited in that sense. No zipping across the Galaxy.

It’s very much a keep the scale and scope small whilst insisting the stakes are huge. This is meant to be like Halo CE not Halo 2 where we hop around loads.

My ideas would be -

  • You pull the twist that the Weapon is Cortana with amnesia. Like I will die on this hill or be vindicated. :smile:

  • Atriox releases the Flood.

  • The Endless are revealed to be what happens to Flood struck by the Halo ring. Some pure strain forms mutated and are a third form of Precursor. Think what happens to the Locust/Swarm in Gears. Halo created them. Their goal is to gain the Precursors vengeance. Either as an unsettling extension to the Flood or something with its own more sinister goals than the Parasite.

  • You introduce a Created Remnant faction. It’s goal either being to get Cortana back or vengeance on the Banished. You could also either lean into the Promethean/Digital warrior theme or you could make them more of a UNSC Geth style faction.

Basically Zeta Halo becomes a canvas onto which you introduce various villain of the week crisis whilst building to a wider story. Could be Mendicant Bias, could be Chief resurrecting Cortana, could be a Precursor trying to get out. In other words, adopt the Destiny model.


I think after the events of Halo3 the chief should die in cryosleep.

We then erect a statue in his honour and fight continuously in a training sim (blood gulch) until we all get glassed by the covenant.

One or two of us might survive and they have to tirelessly escape the planet in a survival horror game.

Then maybe once the remaining escapees have been rescued we could have a movie concluding the rebuild of civilisation in the dark depths of the galaxy.

The movie can finish on a cliff hanger and then the next halo game can start with the assault of some home world… from infiltration to mass war with hundred of Spartans, marines, and odsts then work building up to some climax!!!

Finish the fight!!! In honour of 117! We’ll wear him on our chest proud! All of us.