343’s Legacy will be the death of the Halo Franchise if they keep at this

343’s Legacy will be the death of the Halo Franchise if they keep at it

Halo Reach (made by bungie) after 3 years was pulling 100K+ players.

Halo 4 after 5 months was down to 6-10k players.

I barely played H4’s and H5 because how drastically different the halo made by 343 was.

Right now with how far off forge and customs are, how badly they implanted the battlepass and micro transactions which fundamentally change how we make our characters look is insane.

With the challenge system having terrible tasks they literally are designing problems so they can sell us fixes in the form of challenge swaps.

Also I’m not spending $10 to make my Spartan look white…

If they don’t address the legitimate criticism that everyone is putting out they will lose money and players.


Completely agree. I’ve been playing Halo exclusively for almost 10 years (and have been a fan since CE). I’m so disgusted by the monetization effort that I refuse to even buy the campaign at launch. I’ll wait until it’s in the $10 bargain bin (where this game belongs).

Not that they’ll care, but I plan to give them as little $ as possible over the life of this game.

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I just dont get it. These companies have the blueprint of success right in front of them but constantly need to reinvent the wheel.

  1. Why is there no account based rank based on performance or time invested? Every Halo game had one.
  2. Why cant we pick what we want to play?
  3. Where are the lobbies or clans? Why do games have to be so anti social now.
  4. Why is your battle pass so lousy? The road to level 50 in the battle pass should be super quick to get people hooked. Even drug dealers know that the first hit should be free, instead we have scrooge mcduck running the show at 343.
  5. Vehicle spawns??? I havent seen a scorpion tank once - WTF IS GOING ON.

The bones of this game are amazing but so many baffling decisions surrounding them.


It’s sad to see the state of the game but I am hopeful 343 can find a happy middle ground