343’s approach to 2022

It’s not that they’re actively trying to destroy MCC’s well earned good will, it’s that they think because of said Good Will they can get away with pulling these kinds of stunts.

The reality is the MCC team didn’t announce they were gonna stop after 2022 because of a lack of ideas, they were forced to announce that because Microsoft didn’t want competition for Infinite. Microsoft did the same thing with Minecraft when the Aquatic Update came around. They cancelled they Aquatic Update for Xbox One Edition, yet Xbox 360 Edition, PS3 Edition, PS4 Edition, and Bedrock Edition on Xbox got it.

Microsoft is trying to eliminate their GOOD products as competition for their mediocre products.


Completely ignoring aggressive monetisation.


Why isn’t protesting for a server list and dedicated server support a big thing, and only the custom game server? I think having full dedicated server support would be the best since it worked so well in Halo 1 on PC back in the day. Also, Halo Online by ElDewrito is evidence that a server list and dedi support is the way to go.

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None of this is true.
Those numbers were not great compared to real games.

Going back to old school halo is not the solution. Game must progress forward.

I believe the devs that actually do the work wanted things to be better and were sincere watching them explain things, but we all know they don’t make the calls.

For me I’m just facing reality that not much outside some content is really going to improve and it’s going to take way too long for this game to get to a good place. It’s just a bummer that this is how things are.

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Yea, god honestly at this point it almost feels like the core devs wanted to build such a great game, and somehow it was set up to be sabotaged. Almost like the upper level 343 executives wanted to just be done with Halo and create something new.

Honestly that’s how this feels, like they are actively trying to destroy the franchise to usher in some new face of the brand.

Ike there is no way even Microsoft saw this build and we’re like yea that’s perfect.


I hate to say this, but it doesn’t matter what the little guys think because they do what the big guys upstairs tell them to. The whole team gets judged on the product they produced and this one is a stinker! If the good devs didn’t stick up for the good ideas that the community wanted, then they are just as bad as the bad devs who pushed for the mediocre product.

Yes, absolutely. Not only that, but I’d like to see them explain why things have been going the way they’ve been, even if that means throwing Microsoft under the bus, because if not, it means fingers get pointed where they don’t need to be pointed. It’s frustrating not only to deal with the state of the game, but also to not know why it’s happening. 343, please tell us!

Yes. Much deeper transparency.

You have no idea what I’m even talking about. A server list and Dedicated server support is best for everyone. Jesus man.

I wonder why Halowaypoint is not the site to find out updates on problems like these. Instead we have to use Twitter, if anything is even said that is. This website/app is so incredibly useless that I dont think they even use these forums to get feedback, they just use reddit.
Its funny too because the old halo waypoint a few months ago was better than this.
I mean terrarias website has a twitter feed and that game gets updated like every 5 years

At this point I think MS should just announce Halo 7 with another Developer!

Then 343 can just focus on Infinite a f2p cash grab and their surrounding other media projects. They could even stop making games altogether.