343’s approach to 2022

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about the issues players have with the game. We’ve all seen the same complaints a million times and I feel like there’s not been much acknowledgement regarding many of them. (Yes, I know they’ve been on vacation)

Whether we like it or not, this will take time to fix. I’ve gone back playing MCC for now, I look on here every now and then to check out the discussion.

We’ve really only had occasional feedback from 343 via tweets or posts on here sometimes… I feel like a lot of the negative feedback or “hate” they receive stems from just lack of acknowledgment on things such as desync.

So much discussion has been around the population count declining, do you feel like if they put together an interview with a head dev about all the issue’s we see on here and talk through them along with a map of what is to come in 2022 would neutralise the tension that is currently in the community and stabilise the player count?

I just don’t think the occasional feedback from them via tweets is enough with the game being in the current state, I do feel like an interview would reach a wider audience and get more traction.

I’ve spent a lot of time on here firing shots at them, admittedly and honestly, I’m just exhausted from it which I think a lot of people are at this point. I wanted to put together this topic as someone that holds a lot of frustration towards it’s current state and as a fan of Halo this would help me understand their vision and plans, it’s the 2nd best thing besides having the actual fixes right now.

Below as far as I see are the most discussed topics.

-Region server selection
-Plans for content this year
-Improvement to anti-cheat
-Customisation/store plan going forward
-Improved ranking system
-Info on Forge/Custom game browser/Co-op campaign

This isn’t a wish list. These are things I see mostly being talked about and feel like just a little discussion on camera could help things quite a bit. I may have missed some but I’m sure they already know.

What do you guys think? Do you feel like deeper transparency from them could smooth things over for the time being?


I think 343 need to be a lot more transparent.


Missed the boat. Game launched with not enough content and now they will be playing catch up.


I think if they did have this interview it would calm the fans that still have hope. Sadly it wont change the minds of players that already left. I would love for them to face their fans and tell them what they did wrong and how they will fix it. A roadmap of 2022 with a full progression system would catch my interest. But I have to agree with what others said in this forum, it will take another 6+ months to get the game that we wanted at launch.


I think it’s a mistake to take what’s going on here and on Reddit as a reflection of the overall player population. The people engaging there are for one reason or another quite invested in the game/franchise. To that part of the population it might make a difference to get more/better communication and it’s something 343 needs to work on regardless.

However for the people who just stop because they are no longer having fun (BTB being broken, challenges not registering, desync, lack of maps/modes) this likely won’t make much of a difference. They’ll leave and if they find something else that is more fun to them they’ll mostly stick with that. An interview or whatever kind of communication won’t change that. It’s honestly what I’d suggest to people: if you aren’t having fun with a game, go play something that’s fun to you. This should not turn into a chore.


Forge is about August time, could be later but that’s the date they gave as a rough idea.

The others definitely need sorting, imo it goes crossplay options, servers, store then the latter. Wish I had forge though.

Yep, i’ve gone back to mcc as well, game has so many bugs and glitches that it’s unplayable for me. Waiting for many necessary fixes before i start playing again

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Think of the many issues in the game.

Now think about how they wanted to launch over a year ago. Let that sink in. Amazing.

They need to wake up and kick things into overdrive. Like go into crunch for at least the next few months. They are at a crossroads, either hurry up address everything or let their momentum evaporate and the series fade into mainstream obscurity.


Infinite was a good idea that clearly wasn’t planned out properly. This game should have never been rushed out the door like it was. It wasn’t ready at all.

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Also 9 months or whatever it is till Forge is unacceptable. Crunch time. On top of the horrendous state of the game - the microtransactions are super aggressive. It’s as if you’re actively trying to erode the goodwill created by the wonderful MCC publishing team.


This is exactly what I’m saying. It is absolutely unacceptable. I think too much money and time has been invested for the game to be this far gone.

I think it’s reached the point where they see the numbers going down and the wave of complaints. Addressing everything and total transparency can only be a good thing, while people are still going to be frustrated, it’s a pill we’re going to have to swallow.

Like I said above, the small tweets just don’t cut it, they get backlash because some of the things they say comes off condescending and it’s usually playing the victim card. I want them to take control of the situation and be like “Ok, this is what we are doing and how it will work” regarding a lot of the issues, so we know where we are.


I’m honestly just astounded. I heard that we might have some kind of roadmap coming up, but until we see it we still don’t have information besides a couple of small cosmetic ‘events’, and then Co-Op in roughly 4 months and Forge a few months after that. To have these huge delays after an already long 5-6 years development (maybe a bit less due to managing Halo 5 post-launch and MCC) and hundreds of millions of budget really is frustrating.

We don’t even know if we are even getting a new map before the season ends. Imagine going 6 months post-launch until even getting a new map.

What I’ve observed anecdotally on the forums.

Waypoint forums, Dec 8th - ~15th: “343 worked really hard at the end to get us the game. Let’s give them a well deserved holiday rest after their release crunch.”


Bro’s and Brosephines, it was the holidays. 343 was very communicative leading up to their time off, and they probably only got close to full staff again this week (maybe). We’ll start getting a lot of info and patches in Feb, just be patient and play what you enjoy until then.

Instead of rehashing the same topic 1000 times every day, can we start discussing things like weapon and map strats on the forums again? It’s been so long :frowning:


Sweeping issues under the table and pretending they don’t exist isn’t going to help. Complaints are in more places than here, even pro’s who are making money from the game are talking every day about it.

Yes, they acknowledged some things but a lot hasn’t been talked about. The info we receive tends to be a fat paragraph saying absolutely nothing then 10% of it is actually info we want to hear.

This topic is not a place to whine about the issues, more to see thoughts based on ways to handle them and to give a clear cut sense of direction we are heading with Infinite.

It’s honestly time they took control of the whole thing, instead of dancing around problems, own them. Restore faith and stability in themselves as a studio instead of being victims in their own community. I don’t think this can be done in tweets, they need to sit down and talk it out, project their thoughts and mindset moving into 2022.

Now the other talk you pointed out, discussion’s around actual gameplay, that would be great and I’m with you completely but right now the game holds a lot of inconsistencies which makes it difficult to have those conversations.

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Iv given up on them, to be honest they have a track record of being all super transplant prior to a game.launch and once it goes south they turtle up again and start getting super defensive.

I was already put off by sket7h when he said in the end it’s a company and we need to make money be ause these servers aren’t cheap. After that I took notice of how we only got 10 default colors of the 60 from Halo infinite and they were selling us the other colors.

Once I saw those two things together I realized they are desperate to make every possible penny they can from this game.

So I threw out that whole spew they said about player first approach. That was just some dumb PR fed stunt to make people feel comfortable before they drew you in.


While I agree, I have yet to see a F2P game “not” rushed out the door before it’s ready. That’s one of the problems.

The difference is Halo is held to a certain standard. There are things such as game types that Halo is known for, lots of players have spent countless hours playing Infection, team snipers, team dubs. Every Halo up to this point has been in a somewhat polished state so it’s put on a pedestal.

A long time fan base already existed prior to this release where as the others, it’s not really the case. I think that’s where they’ve dropped the ball a bit, looking at other games and thinking “Ooh that’s accepted, we’ll do it” and it’s backfired terribly.


They already had an interview about this and acknowledged a lot of the community’s issues saying it would take time to fix some things. They obviously already said a patch for a lot of this stuff was coming in February. They said they would share more about it later this month along with a road map. Seems like a lot of people missed that detail.

I definitely agree.

I think they are probably waiting until they have good news before saying too much.