343 rivogliamo halo !

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> Basta DLC ! avete tolto la possibilita’ di giocare a infinity slayer a chi, come me non vuole partecipare alla truffa DLC. 250 giocatori …siete contenti cosi’ ,vergogna .invece di privilegiare ed invogliare il giocatore .Voi della 343 , state rovinando halo … togliete i dlc,non gioca piu’ molta gente .purtroppo continuando cosi’ halo non sara’ piu’ giocabile, e allora la smettero’ con i videogiochi.


Just DLC ! You have taken away the possibility to play at infinity slayer who, like me does not want to participate in the scam DLC. 250 Players … you are happy with so ,shame .instead of focusing and annoy the player .You the 343 , been ruining halo … remove the dlc,no longer plays’ a lot of people .unfortunately continuing so halo will no longer be playable, and then i quit’ games.

infinity slayer has now a experiment.
you maybe not know it but the map in matchmaking was unfair for the dlc users.
the dlc users have almost 0% chance to play on the maps they have pay for.
thats why they took infinity slayer to look how many dlc users are playing for 2 weeks.

and if you wane play a slayer game go to big team battle they you can also play slayer.

also most dlc users hate it when they play only on standard maps and not on the dlc maps they have pay for it.

if you have play halo 3 matchmaking before then you most know that halo 3 has more dlc required play list.