343 - Ridiculous Multiplayer service for Halo infinite - poor service and support -

I am in Italy, I keep playing halo infinite multiplayer on solo duo - Controller mode and I keep getting 100ms ping because mosto of the time in a stupid American server or whatever!!! Some time I play at 25 ms but tonight , only 100ms!!!

Can please 343 explain this!!! Can you give the ducking chance to chose the server region?

I am start to writ to all the webisite like eurogamer and etc….

It is ridiculous


Not just you… I’m on East coast in USA and I still get 60-90 pings on the majority of my matches. Have great internet and most other games have solid East, Middle, and West US servers. This game is just an incomplete mess on all fronts. I surely feel bad for the people out of this country because I can only imagine how bad it is for them. This game seems to be incapable of putting you in the right servers despite the population surely being high enough for such placement. Blame 343 as usual.