[343 Response] Authentication Failed (resolved)

Hey! Is there currently an issue with Microsoft oAuth or something?
I’m very clearly logged in to Microsoft’s services, but the developer portal will not authenticate me.

Yeah I am running into the same problem

Yup, getting this too.

“Authentication has failed.”

This is still an issue for me. More than anything I’m kicking myself for not saving my api key locally.

It might be an issue with the developer portal as well; there’s a knockoutjs error when the oAuth2 redirect comes back.

“Uncaught ReferenceError: ko is not defined at customization:1”

edit: Nope, the Microsoft service returns an access_denied error for the redirect. The ko error is something else. :wink:

4th here, still can’t access it 3 days later. what’s up with it?

Hey everyone,

Thanks for letting us know about not being able to log into the Developer Portal.
We’re looking into this and will update this thread once the issue is fixed.

The Halo API Team

Thank ya much! Stoked to get back to work soon!

Hey everyone,

We found the issue and fixed the Microsoft login settings so things should work now.
Please let us know if you encounter any other errors with the developer portal.

The Halo API Team